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Coastal Surf

November 3, 2008

I think we have tenatively decided on a wall color the living room/dining room/kitchen: Behr’s “Coastal Surf”. It’s a greenish, greyish blue. We will obviously buy samples of this color and a couple similar colors before making a final decision, but I think we’ll probably stick with it.
I love the ocean. I wish we could live at the coast, but we’re only a couple hours away and we are happy here. So I’ve decided to bring the ocean to us. I plan to decorate with lots of blues, pictures of boats or lighthouses or shells, beach-type accessories, etc. I don’t want anything over the top, just subtle things, with lots of light colors and clean, simple lines.
I’ve been browsing our picture inventory from our Oregon trip and other small trips in California. I hope to display quite a bit of our own photography. Chris has an awesome picture of a sailboat on the Yaquina Bay in Oregon that I’ll probably blow up and hang in a prominent spot. Decorating this way, we might have to make a weekend trip or two the coast for pictures and other beach decor items. Oh DARN!!
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