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Moving is No Fun

December 15, 2008

I’m so tired. We started at 7:30am on Saturday and worked until 4:30, cleaning out the apartment. Then we put the bed together and relaxed for the rest of the night. Sunday we started moving boxes into the correct rooms and unpacking. So far the only casualties have been a couple of mugs that match our plates. We never use those mugs anyway, so it wasn’t a big loss.

Our stacked washer & dryer was put in place yesterday and Chris has started doing the laundry. We ran a couple loads in the dishwasher yesterday as well. We haven’t actually figured out how to work the dishwasher yet, it’s more complicated than we’re used to. We’re sticking with the default wash settings for now until we have time to look through the manual and figure out how to change it.

As more & more stuff gets put away, the emptier the house looks, but we still have the storage space to clean out. That will happen next weekend.

In fun news, our friends have decided that Chris & I are hosting the New Years Eve party at our new place! That should be fun and we have some extra incentive to get the house in order.

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