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Kappa Alpha Moody

January 28, 2009

Our house on Friday night was strangely reminiscent of a frat house. Why, you ask? Well here’s the story (names have been omitted to protect the guilty).

It started off when a particular sibling of mine, named J called me at 11pm on Friday night. He asked if I remembered M, who grew up down the street from us. I hadn’t seen him in about 10 years. I said that I did remmeber him and J asked if I would pick M up. At a club. In Fresno. HUH?

Apparently J & M were on the same party bus from Tulare to Fresno. M got smashed and could not get back on the bus. There is a $300 fine if you get sick on the party bus. I agreed to go get both of them and let M sleep it off at our place. I didn’t realize exactly how drunk M was at the time.

When Chris & I arrived at the club, M was passed out on a bench having already puked on J. As we debated the best way to get M into the car, the other drunk bus riders were trying to be helpful. One in particular thought it would be good to yell M’s name really loud right into his ear. M didn’t budge and I didn’t think to ask later if he noticed any hearing loss in his right ear. It took some major muscle, but they successfully got M into the car, where he proceeded to puke on my door frame.

After piling J, Chris & myself into the car we acquired a few t-shirts & towels from a secret location, giving M something to puke on. At this point the puke was just running out of his mouth. It was lovely. We drove home in the fog & rain with the windows rolled down.

Upon getting home, Chris & J had to get M into the house. They almost dropped him near the front door because his foot got caught in the a break on the concrete. M is not a little guy. Not to be defeated, J & Chris made it happen and got laid out on the floor in our guest bathroom. We put down some towels, got him a pillow and propped him up on his side using a large stuffed pig. The pig was a prize from a gigantic claw machine on the Santa Cruz boardwalk.

Chris & J checked on him throughout the night and M woke up the next morning with a major hangover. They explained what happened and he was very embarassed and thankful for our help. I drove J & M back to Tulare and M has promised us tickets to his next event.

Sometimes you have to help out your hometown buddies.

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