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Mischief Revealed

August 31, 2009

We are looking at a complete overhaul of our landscaping, front & back. By “we”, I mean “I” and Chris is getting dragged along for the ride. The current plan:

Front yard:
Lawn stays
Ugly big furry balls things – Gone.
Rose bushes – undecided but definitely on the chopping block
Daffodils to be planted along walkway
Allium & Siberian Squill (purchased at Costco yesterday) to be planted in front planter

However, it has occured to me that all of those plants are spring blooms and come summer, we will have no flowers. I am now researching summer flowers that can be mixed in.

Also, I want to plant Plumeria (Fragnipani). I have a plumeria necklace from Chris, and he also brought me a plumeria sticker for my car when he went to Maui a couple years ago.

Back yard:
Lawn – Gone (!)
Picket fence around expanded garden area
Brick/paver walkway all around yard
Fire pit
Trellis & swing
wishing well
Native wildflowers planted everywhere there isn’t hardscrape or garden

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  1. September 2, 2009 1:17 am

    love the ideas!!

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