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A Conversation with Gandalf

March 10, 2010

Whohoo! I have a couch all to myself.

Now if that stupid contraption would stop flashing, I’d be all set for a nice nap.

Much better.

You know, that thing makes noise too. Perhaps you could just put it away?

Turning the flash back on wasn’t very nice.

Maybe you’ll leave me alone if I put my tail up and look happier?

Squirrell!! Okay not, really. I think someone is eating.

Did you hear it? I swear, someone is eating something.

Are you hungry? I’d give up my nap to beg for your lunch.

I put my tail back up. Are you hungry now? Does my tail make my butt look big?

Squirrel! No, it’s just Angel. Maybe I should go outside and chase birds.

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