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Starting Fresh!

August 23, 2010

I decided it’s time to update this blog with a new look, new address, new everything! It will take me a week or two to get the colors, menus, etc figured out, so stay tuned!

For a quick update, things have been pretty hectic, but are finally starting to settle down into a routine. C & I have been discussing what we’d like to do over the next couple of years, now that we are finally getting back on our feet. So far the list includes traveling to the UK, Ireland, Italy, Barbados and Germany, finish decorating and furnishing the house and selling both MINI Coopers (so sad!) and getting one practical vehicle.

So. Quite the laundry list, eh? Doing what I do best, I’ve jumped immediately into planning mode. I’m dreaming of a 3 week European vacation in November 2011. Ideally, we’d fly into Dublin, spend 3 weeks wandering from Dublin to Rome via London, Paris, and any other city that catches our fancy and fly home from Rome.  We are also thinking of traveling for Thanksgiving this year. Where could we go? Current ideas are Vegas, Washington DC, Maui & Barbados.

My MINI Cooper has already been listed for sale. We’ve had a bit of interest, but may need to step it up. C is still in the process of getting his car ready to be listed for sale. We will miss them! They have been a blast to drive and we are very sad to be moving on.

As for the house, the first item of business will be finally furnishing the living room. We will be getting all new furniture and a surround sound system. It has been a long time coming! In the meantime, I’m still picking up accessories and wall art items whenever they catch my eye. We also need to figure out what to do with the large wall space above our fireplace. So much to do! So many ideas! So little time.

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