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Mischief with Mosaics

August 26, 2010
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It’s no secret that I adore the ocean and would love to live at the coast. However, that isn’t in the cards anytime soon, so I make do by decorating our house with beachy-coastal accents. A few days ago, I was surfing the web looking for decorating ideas and I came across this:

Wow! A mosaic on a surfboard! How cool! They have a few different designs and this is the one that sealed the deal for me:

Plumeria mosaic on a surfboard. It must be mine, except HOLY COW! It’s got a nice price tag that goes with it. Never one to be easily discouraged, I started to ponder…What if I could make it? I mean, really how hard could it be?! (stop laughing). The funny thing is, I have no actual desire to learn to make mosaics and even less desire to spend time making mosaics. However, I love that surfboard and I think it would look awesome on the wall over our fireplace. So I did what I do best: Jumped in the both feet. Notice that at no time did it occur to me that I couldn’t do it, or that the plumeria surfboard might be expensive for a reason. This may come back to bite me.

We went to Michaels craft store and bought a small mosaic coaster kit.

I’m going to start with these, then move up to a couple of ugly end tables that have been haunting our living room. Only then will I order a used surfboard and start the plumeria surfboard. Yesterday, I opened the kit, spread everything out the kitchen table and set to work breaking the tiles with a hammer.

Breaking the tiles was a great stress-reliever! However, a couple of times I got a little carried away and the tile was broken into itty bitty pieces. Oops. The dogs were not has amused as I was with the tile breaking. They hid next to C, except for Angel who can’t hear very well any more. Speaking of Angel, she is so cute! The groomer did an awesome job and we’ll definitely be going back. Here she is coveting my dinner:

I’m hoping to finish the coasters this weekend and order the materials for the end table mosaics. So the next question, what design should I do for the end tables?

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