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Friday Ramblings

September 3, 2010

I love 3 day weekends. Of course, 4 and 5 day weekends are even better than that and actual vacations trumps them all.

Today I was woken up by a 12 pound brat jumping on my stomach.

“Hi! Wake up!” It’s time to PLAY!”
She doesn’t understand that this human doesn’t have the luxury of sleeping all day, and therefore does NOT want to get up and play before the sun comes up.

We don’t have any plans for this weekend. Our house is immaculate so there will not be any cleaning. DARN! C is working tomorrow, and I’m sure we’ll go for a bike ride or two. We are also tossing around the idea of a day trip to the coast. My only hesitation is that I’m sure the traffic will be insane.

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