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Almost 28

October 26, 2010

When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to be 17. I just knew that was going to be an awesome year. I would be a senior in HS and everything would be great. Except that it wasn’t even close to great. In fact, that year was one of the worst years ever for reasons that I’m going to get into. However, the year after that, when I was 18? It was amazingly awesome.  

Right now, I am 27 and in just two weeks, I will be 28.  Betcha didn’t see that coming. It’s been an interesting year. I traveled to Boston, got drunk and drunk-dialed my husband. I don’t recommend that. I also went to Vegas and hung out with 40 of the most awesome women ever (and got drunk).  I visited my Dad, where he made it his personal mission to get me drunk. Then he came to visit me and Grandma & I got drunk a couple of times.   Basically, I did more drinking this year that I ever have. I’ve learned that after a night of drinking, I have the unfortunate tendency of waking up not hungover, but STILL DRUNK!  The hangover sets in around lunch, then I’m toast until 5 or 6pm. No fun. As a product of the hangover, I did discover the awesome-ness that is the grilled breakfast sandwhich from Jack in the Box. Yum.

I wonder what 28 will bring. Hopefully, it was be an amazingly awesome year like 18.

Oh and in case you are wondering, I haven’t added any new yarn to my stash. In fact, I finished a project so I’m now one skein down! Hey, gotta start somewhere. I stuck a yellow lightening bolt on the skein that has been turned into a sleep sack for a precious baby boy that’s supposed to make his arrival this December.

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