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Where did November go?!

December 6, 2010

November is a blur.  I did way too much driving and not nearly enough drinking because of said driving. It started off with a drunkfest at my house for my b’day. I woke up the next day still drunk. Then I had Veteran’s Day off and treated myself to a pampering day.  Which all managed to go south due to a Veteran’s Day Parade, and trying out a new salon. I will not be going back to that salon. Then came the driving.

I headed to Santa Barbara (3.5 hrs) and planned to meet my best friend in San Diego the next day. But her water broke. Six weeks before baby was done cooking. So I hauled ass from Santa Barbara to Las Vegas (5 hrs) to see her and her little bitty baby, then headed home (6.5 hrs). Thanksgiving came next, where I joined my uncle’s family for dinner and the next day drove back to Vegas (6.5 hrs) for the baby shower I threw for my best friend. Maybe Itty Bitty Izzy just wanted to be at the first party being held in her honor! Then I drove home (7 hrs). Last weekend, I visited with my brother in Santa Clara (2.5 hrs).  I did a ride-along with and then met up with our cousin and her family for dinner.  It was an awesome, fun day all around. I was thoroughly sick of driving by the time I drove home (2.5 hrs) yesterday. I spent 33.5 hrs driving what Google Maps estimates would take 36 hrs.  My gas mileage is really crappy when I cook down the freeway doing 90.

I also did a good deal of knitting. I wanted to do more knitting, but knitting while driving generally isn’t good idea either.

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