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A Good Effort

January 26, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, I had a nice lazy Saturday. It was overcast and freaking cold outside so I stayed inside. Then I started thinking about foods that are awesome in cold weather and remembered a recipe I saw for Lobster Pot Pie. It sounded so amazing that I had to try it. The recipe didn’t look too difficult and BONUS! I could have it ready for Chris when he got home from work and make it look like I’m a good wife! For the record, the recipe was from Cosmo and the page was title “Cooking for your Man”. Without that, I’m not sure I would have made the connection to do spin it as something nice to do for him when really it just sounded delicious and I had to have it.

Anyway, I went to the store and bought all the necessities and then came home and got to work. Here is the final product:

And this is what was waiting for Chris.

Okay so it’s not exactly Sandra Lee’s tablescape but it’s a pretty huge improvement for me. The tablecloth & runner were new, courtesy of Target’s clearance section. And they’ve had the added benefit of discouraging Chris from dropping his work stuff on the kitchen table and leaving it there! Back to my story, the table didn’t look like that when he got home. Instead, one of the pot pies was in the process of being eaten and I glared at him in irritation as he walked in the door. He was 20 minutes later than planned getting home from work, even though he knew I was cooking something special. Grrr. Being irritated at him put a dent in the whole good wife thing I was going for. Then he sat, dug into his pot pie, shrugged and said “Not bad.” “Not bad” was followed up with “it’s totally fine and edible, just not amazing. But it was a good effort”. And with that, the good wife image I was going for, totally went up in flames. Hmph. He’s back to doing all the cooking.

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  1. Christy permalink
    January 29, 2011 6:07 pm

    Ugh boys are dumb. You can make me pot pie and I’ll appreciate and enjoy it k? :):)

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