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Laptop Troubles

January 28, 2011

Last April, I went to Boston for about 5 days and visited a friend. Chris stayed home because he had school. When I left for Boston, my laptop was working just fine. Somehow while I was off enjoying LA Burdick chocolate, visiting historical sites, and other vacation activies, my laptop stopped working just fine. About half of my programs didn’t work when I got home and it’s been downhill from there. Naturally, I blame Chris considering he was with my laptop during this time while I was across the country. Unfortunately, blaming him hasn’t resulted in a laptop that is once agan fully functional.

Wednesday night was the last straw. The computer no longer recognizes our external hard drive. Most of our photos, music, etc is on the external hard drive, so now I can’t even update my ipod. I restrained myself from taking a baseball bat to the laptop and went to bed. Yesterday, I got up and browsed through the Dell Outlet and ordered myself a refurbished netbook in green. It arrives in a week and I can’t wait. I will also keep it away from Chris and take it with me on any other solo vacations.

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