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Knitting Update

March 14, 2011

I’ve been knitting. I have nothing in particular to show for it, but I have been knitting, promise! It’s just that I started knitting a toy train for a baby shower that’s next weekend. It didn’t go so well. The engine tube could swallow the rest of the train. I need to re-knit it, but I’ve lost interest for the moment. I’m also in the process of knitting a vest for myself with yarn I bought in Feb 2010 at Stitches West. Then I started baby booties because, oh yeah, there’s a baby shower next weekend. Of course, I made a pair of girl booties and the shower is for a baby boy. So more bootie knitting to come.

Vacation in less than 10 weeks! I should get started knitting anything I particularly want for the trip! Except that I’m still knitting a scarf that was supposed to be done for baseball’s opening day LAST year. Oy. Speaking of Opening Day, Chris & I are going to the Giants Opening Night at AT&T Park on April 9th! YAY! That gives me 4 weeks to finish that scarf. Lace knitting always takes me forever, because I’m constantly messing up and having to go back. Still, I think a new shawl or two may come in handy.

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