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Angel’s Bad Week

March 29, 2011

Last week was a bad week for Angel.   On Tuesday, she had an appointment with the groomer. Torture! She was there all day and now she’s got significantly less hair. Perfect for summer, now that the weather is finally starting to get warm.  Then on Wednesday she went to the vet for a “Senior Dog Checkup”.  It was significantly more expensive that it sounds, but given her age (15 years) we wanted to have a complete work up done. The results from the vet visit were:

Eyes: completely blind in one eye and has 20% vision in the other, in addition to inflamed blood vessels. We’re now putting drops in twice a day.

Ears: a big wax ball in her left ear.  This could explain some of her hearing loss. We are attempting ear drops every night. Attempting being key.

Heart: a slight heart murmur and possibly an enlarged left side of her heart. We are on the list to see a cardiologist in June/July when he’s back in town.

Kidneys: kidney disease. There’s no reversing it, but she’s been put on a prescription diet to manage/slow the progression.

That’s about it!  It was really hard to hear that her age is really catching up to her. She’s our first baby!  And who wouldn’t love this face?!

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