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First Official Iron Girl 2011 Training Workout

March 30, 2011

Sucked. Wednesdays & Fridays I’ll swim at lunchtime. Today is Wednesday, so I dutifully headed off to the pool. I was on a short time frame today, so I decided I’d do 20 minutes. Usually I set a distance goal, as opposed to time. In 20 minutes, I swam 650m. Last year, when in the midst of my training, I was swimming 1000m in about 22 minutes. After the first 100m, I was out of breath and had a nice side cramp. Eating 600+ calories of Chipotle just an hour before, while delicious, may not have been the best fuel for a swim workout. Still, my pace in the pool today was about 1min faster per 100m than I did in Tahoe last year. This year, I intend to get in some open water swims, as well as my regular pool swimming. There’s not much I can do about the altitude, but I will probably get up there a day sooner this time.

Oh and I’m still waiting for my free necklace to arrive that got me into this thing again.

Days until Iron Girl Tahoe: 171

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