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14.3 Miles

April 15, 2011

No, that isn’t the distance of my next race, or how far I rode my bike last weekend. It’s the amount of yarn I have in my stash. I have 89 skeins just waiting to be knit into something. 25,152 yards of wool, silk, bamboo and other lovely fibers in gorgeous colors waiting patiently for their turn on the needles. 14.3 miles of yarn hidden away in various locations through out my house.  How much will I knit by the end of 2011?   

You may have noticed the little ticker to the right that gives a running total for how much I’ve knit year to date. The meter includes the samples I knit for a local yarn co. Knitting samples is great for upping my total, but doesn’t reduce my stash at all. In fact, the money I get for knitting samples is generally used to buy more yarn.

In other random news, I indulged in retail therapy yesterday.  A lot of retail therapy.  It’s been a hard week and I had had a bad day at work. So I bought a few ebooks. Then went to White House Black Market and spent way too much on too few items.  I finished off the night by taking these off the hands of a fellow knitter.

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