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July 11, 2011

I bet the women on Sex and the City would be able to tell a lot about a girl by her shoe collection. Until a couple of years ago, my daily shoes were also running shoes. However, after watching more than a few episodes of What Not To Wear, I finally realized that maybe branching out into other shoes wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world. It’s been a slow process, but I think I’m getting there.

My shoe collection is housed on a repurposed bookshelf that was made for me by a friend. After my book collection outgrew it, I discovered that it worked nicely as shoe storage!  Thankfully, I have small feet, so the shallow depth of the shelves isn’t an issue.

Having small (size 5) feet, it is sometimes difficult to find shoes that fit properly. I have recently made a point of only buying shoes in the correct size as opposed to making due with shoes that are half a size or a full size too large.  Along those same efforts, I purged all shoes that were not the correct size and here is what was left:  

Not a vast collection by any means, but I like to think I have all my bases covered.  Here are my flip flops, slip ons and ballet flats, with my pointy toe pumps and mary janes:

Next are my strappy sandals in silver and pink, my Steve Madden heels that are so tall I’ve never been brave enough to wear them out of the house, my black peep toe heels, my brown plaid pumps, my running shoes and two pairs of water shoes hiding in the bottom corner.

Last, but not least are my boots. I have Uggs, rain boots with skulls on them and knee high boots.

You may recognize the rainboots as shoes you purchased for your son at Target last year. Yes, they are boys rain boots and the only pair of rubber boots I have ever found to fit me. Apparently, small-footed women don’t generally go out in the rain. Also, Billy Shakespeare earns his keep by holding up the knee high boots.  And if there were ever any doubt, this confirms that he was absolutely in the closet (har har).

I went to a wedding a few weeks ago in Las Vegas. I wore a dark blue halter dress with my silver strappy sandals (see shelf 3). Last weekend, I attended another wedding and planned to wear the same ensemble. There was one problem: I forgot my shoes at home. DOH! Being three hours from home, I couldn’t go back and get my silver sandals and wearing my clunky black slip-ons (see shelf 1)  was not going to fly. This required an emergency trip to Macy’s where the shopping gods were looking favorably on me.

I entered Macy’s feeling skeptical. I don’t usually have much luck at Macy’s but time was of the essence and options were limited. I headed immediately to the clearance section, even though I had never been successful in buying shoes on clearance from Macy’s. Either I don’t find anything or worse I find something that I must have, only for them to discover that the mate has been misplaced. My hopes and dreams are then shattered and I leave both dejected and new-shoeless.

I was hopeful when this particular Macy’s had quite a few clearance racks. After just a few minutes, I discovered the perfect solution to my problem. Navy blue heels by Marc Fisher in my size, marked down to less than $30 (originally $90). I took the shoe to the store associate and asked for the mate. I mentally prepared myself to be disappointed again when a miracle happened! She returned with a box and both shoes!  I was beyond excited. The shopping gods were indeed in my corner and I was extremely grateful! Was it fate? Were these shoes simply destined to be mine? I like to think so.

Cute, right?

Now the real question is

Are those shoes really sitting on my DINING TABLE?

Yes. Yes, they are.

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  1. Christy permalink
    July 11, 2011 5:54 am

    this is why i love u :):) You blog about your shoes. I ❤ shoes, but also I understand because only wihtin the last 8-10 years have i cared at all what my shoes looked like 🙂

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