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Knitting keeps me from unraveling.

December 5, 2011

Over two months since I last updated?! For shame!!! I was going to write a big, long update on all the important stuff (knitting, glassblowing, reading, etc) but I decided not to. This post will be about knitting, hence the title. In non-knitting news – Life is going pretty well.

I’ve been knitting as time permits (which isn’t nearly often enough) and it’s mostly been working on samples for a local yarn company. I love knitting samples because I get to work with great yarn and get paid for it! The money is then used to add to my stash that I don’t have time to knit because I’m always knitting samples. It’s a wonderful, vicious cycle.

My stash (not pictured at the 5 skeins of yarn I ordered on Cyber Monday).  The top shelf is entirely Three Irish Girls yarn. The second shelf is a mix of other lovelies, including some locally dyed yarn by Anzula and 3 skeins of alpaca yarn from Quidish Fields. The Quidish Fields alpacas live just around the corner from me! Sometimes, I’ll drive by and wave.

However, I have decided to take a break from my latest sample knitting to knit something for me! A Capecho! What is a capecho, you ask? Well it’s a cabled bolero that is infamous in the knitting community. First, it’s gorgeous.

Second, the sizing is off in the pattern resulting in capechos that are large enough for Big Foot. Across the world, knitters have struggled to modify and adjust the pattern to result in something similar to the original photo, yet fit for a human. There are many, many blog posts from knitters detailing the modifications that they made and the results of their efforts. I’ve read quite a few of these and feel armed & ready to head into battle.

Warning! Knitting lingo up ahead! You  may want to skip this part, if you aren’t a knitter. My planned modifications include:

  • Reducing the needle size from US9 to US4. This is quite a jump. The recommended reduction was from 9 to 6, but I’m a loose knitter and a rather small person.
  • Reducing the pentagon size from 132 sts to 122 sts by making 6 st cables as opposed to 8 st cables.
  • Using a provisional cast-on to avoid joints at the pentagon edges
  • Using 100% silk yarn. I’m particularly concerned about this modification as silk drapes much differently than a wool blend and doesn’t have the elasticity either. 100% silk also has a tendency to “grow”, so a tighter knit is better.
  • May add a band around the bottom at the back, if needed.
  • May reduce the width of the collar.

Wish me luck!

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