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Hexipuff Crazy!

March 6, 2012

Everyone loves hexipuffs! Itty Bitty Munchkins love hexipuffs!

They’re so squishy!!

They work as eye patches!

They’re yummy to eat!

Hmmm…or maybe not.

Hexipuffs are so addicting but I have to take a short break to make a gift for a little baby girl due in April. Besides, I need scraps for more hexipuffs!!!

Speaking of babies, I ordered a couple skeins of yarn last week. I know that you’re thinking that babies have nothing to do with yarn, but this time it does! You see, even though I really don’t need any more yarn, Sharon of Three Irish Girls is offering a special edition colorway to raise money for Share. Share is a non-profit organization that helps families who have been lost a baby because of miscarriage, stillbirth or in the first few months after birth.

This is especially meaningful to me and comes at the perfect time because of our own loss just a few weeks ago. Sharon really outdid herself with this colorway because it is absolutely gorgeous.

I ordered a skein of You Are My Sunshine, as well as a skein of a coordinating yellow to make a Whippoorwill Shawl.

Sharon did the same thing last year and raised $2,500 for Share. She’s trying to beat that this year, so if you’re a yarny-crafty type person, consider buying a skein! If you’ve never had any Three Irish Girls yarn, you’re in for a treat. It is amazing and her colors are to die for. You can order here.

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  1. Carolyn Thomas permalink
    March 6, 2012 3:26 am

    Im glad to know that the organization, Share, exsists. And how great that some of the yarn proceeds will go to it. I think I’ll order a skein of you are my sunshine and design a small momento. ❤

  2. March 6, 2012 7:09 am

    That is such a great cause! I love the baby’s red hair. I was hoping that my daughter would have hair that color…but it didn’t happen. I’ll definately have to check out that yarn.

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