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Just a trip to my local Barnes & Noble

March 30, 2012
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By “local” Barnes & Noble, I am obviously talking about the Barnes & Noble located in Fairfield, a mere 3 hours away as opposed to the one 15 minutes away, that doesn’t require traveling on any highways. So what might tempt me to leave my home on a Saturday and travel 3 hours into Fairfield, where it was pouring rain? And would I deprive Jake of lunch while doing so? I have just realized that while I’ve mentioned and posted a couple of pictures of my wedding, I never actually said who I married. So.  Internet meet Jake. Jake meet Internet.

You now also know who that guy is that was using my hexipuff as an eyepatch, then attempted to eat one.

Back to the issue at hand, it started on a fairly normal Saturday. Jake went to work, I slept on and finally rolled out of bed around 10am. I showered, got dressed, packed a few snacks and waited for Jake to get home. He got home around 11:30 and was greeted with me being fully ready to hit the road. He was totally unreasonable with his pre-trip demands. “Can I take a shower?”  What?! but…it’s 3 hours to Fairfield! I want to be there as soon as possible!! So I begrudgenly responded with “Okay, but can you make it fast?” Which he did and so we were off! Except “I’m starving. Can we go by Burger King?”  I responded “Of course! I wouldn’t DARE think of depriving you of a basic necessity like food! What kind of wife would I be?!”*
* This may be paraphrased slightly. Possibly more than slightly. It may have been more like “But it’s 11:45! I don’t want to stop! I want to go!!! ” then it occured to me that like myself, when Jake is hangry, it’s really no fun for anyone.

So we stopped at Burger King and Jake was very happy. I, however, grumbled about stopping and wanted to leave! He is much  more good natured than I am, even when hangry. I would have rolled my eyes, crossed my arms and acted 12 instead of 29. Instead, he endured my grumbling and took my insults of Burger King in stride whilst happily eating his combo meal.

We hit the freeway right around noon and started our journey. I drove up and Jake drifted in and out of sleep.  After some minor techinical difficulties with Jake’s phone’s GPS, we arrived at 2:45. Which is awesome, because the event started 3:00pm! Which event? Suzanne Brockmann’s book signing for her new novel Born to Darkness!  I’ve been a fan of hers since I first started reading romance novels almost 10 years ago. I adore her Troubleshooters series and am sad that she’s taking a break from that to write other books, produce movies and just be awesome. Still, I couldn’t pass up a chance to meet her, get a signed copy of the book and have dinner with her afterwards.

We walked into the store and found the signing area, which was easy because it was right by the door. It also had signs up that said “Suzanne Brockmann book signing”. Then I decided I wanted her to sign my Nook cover as well, which would require a sharpie. Jake volunteered to brave the rain and search the shopping center for a sharpie. He got back right during Suzanne’s Q&A session. Here is a horrible cell phone picture of Suzanne during the Q&A. After the Q&A, I hustled to the line and I was 3rd in line! I didn’t even have to mow down old ladies or small children! At my turn, I walked up and she asked my name and when I responded, asked if I was the Jen that was coming to dinner. I said I was. OMG! My favorite author knows who I am!!! I introduced her to Jake and said she’d see us tonight. Somewhere in there, she signed both my book and my Nook Cover.

Then we hit up Starbucks where we both got hot chocolate and split a banana. Wild pair, aren’t we? Then we wandered around Barnes & Noble until we found the travel books. We leave for Ireland in 4 weeks so we thought it might be a good idea to get a book and maybe a map. We hemmed and hawed over the books, debating the merits of each one. You would think that for the amount of money this trip will cost, that we’d just buy two books. In fact, I think Jake suggested just that but I wasn’t having it. One book would be fine, because there is so much information on the internet for free! Then he also stated that we might not have access to the internet. That is just silly! We’d of course be staying at places with free Wi-Fi!  After lots of comparison and discussion, we picked this book, but I don’t remember why. In fact, I wouldn’t be able to tell you what book we decided on (or if we even bought one) except that it was in the Barnes & Noble bag when I went to take pictures of Born to Darkness. If you need a recommendation for a travel book on Ireland, then…sorry. You’ll need to move along now. We also bought two maps of Ireland because we couldn’t come to an agreement on just one. However, in my attempt to keep this post a reasonable length, I’ll save the map debate for another day.

Then we headed over to the restaurant where we were for the first arrive. We warmed up next to the fire (I’ll spare you the picture of me warming my foot near the fireplace) and browsed the menu. Then there a mass influx of women with a couple of guys that were obviously being held hostage. Another couple sat down with us while Suzanne spent time at each table. When she got to our table, we started chatting about the movie that her company just produced which is making its premiere at the Sarasota film festival. Then we talked about her son, Jason, who is in LA pursuing an acting career and I mentioned that I did theater in high school and was once handed a major role on Monday for a play that opened on Monday. All because the student who was supposed to have that role got pulled out by her parents because she got in trouble and I randomly decided to bleach my hair blond the day before (the character was blond). Then Suzanne moved on and I thought to myself “Self, did you REALLY just tell your favorite author about a high school play you were in?!” Yes, I did. And she even seemed interested. So there.

Without further ado, pictures!

The Cover.

The Signature Page.

My Thumb!!! Oh and my signed Nook cover. This Nook cover is from Kate Spade. I love Kate Spade. I have a Kate Spade wallet, two purses, a makeup case and this Nook Cover.  Seeing as how I’m not at all rich, I usually only buy Kate Spade when it’s on super clearance. In fact, this cover was 50% off when I bought it because they were phasing them out but I absolutely adore it. The front says “Once upon a time” and the back says “Happily ever after”. I wasn’t sure I wanted anyone to write on it, but I’m so glad that I did. I love opening it up and seeing her signature.

And because it now seems weirdly appropriate, here is the back of my Nook cover with my wedding ring, taken on my wedding night.

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