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Day 3 Continued – Lost on the backroads at Night

June 12, 2012

I forgot (this is what happens when you try to write a trip recap over a month after the trip occurred) that on Day 3, after we visited the church, we weren’t quite ready to head back to the hostel. So we decided to randomly drive around and see if we could find a place to eat. We were in a portion of Ireland known as “the Burren” and is characterized by rocks that cover the hilltops. It makes for a fairly stark landscape, especially in comparison to the lush green we saw everywhere else. Imagine this stark landspace at night with no street lights whatsoever. It looks like a whole lot of nothing and anything could be out there. Big Foot’s Irish cousin, maybe. And then we got lost (try to contain your surprise).

This isn’t our picture, I grabbed it from the internet.

So there we were, two American tourists, lost on the backroads of Ireland, in the dead of night. Doesn’t it sound like the beginning of a slasher flick? We thought so too. In fact, we commented a few times that we’d seen this movie and it didn’t end well for those in our shoes. We were the people who were hacked to pieces in the first 10 minutes of the movie, before you’re introduced to the “real” characters.  We decided that if did find the Irish cousin of Jason (hockey mask & chainsaw), we’d simply run him over.

Still, having a plan to kill our potential killer did not help us get unlost. We drove by a scenic turnout that had a display telling you about the area. I tried to read it from the car, with the headlights pointing at it (again, there were no other lights nearby) because there was NO WAY I was getting out of the car. Absolutely not.  My attempts to read the display weren’t successful to Jake attempted to fix this by pulling up alongside the display and rolling down the window. Let’s remember that car headlights tend to point forward, so my light source was now gone and OMG!! HE ROLLED DOWN THE WINDOW! We were right next to a sign with a rock wall on the side of it. Beyond that? Pure black darkness. And he rolled down the window. Needless to say, I was not amused. I think it went something like “OhmyGod! What are you doing?! We’re going to be killed! Are you trying to get me killed first?! There’s a guy with a hockey mask and a CHAIN SAW out there, hiding right behind that wall! He’s going to jump up and kill me. GO GO GO GO GOGOGOGO.”  He thinks I overreacted. I think it we had a close call.

We’re still not quite sure how we managed to get back to our village. We took a road that looked like it was more of hiking path than an actual road, but it ended up being that road in our village that we’d wondered where it went. We still couldn’t tell you where that road went because we didn’t have a clue where we were, but such is the nature of getting lost.

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