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Ireland – Day 5

July 5, 2012

Where are we going? I don’t know. Follow them.

So Day 5 started off with us waking up late. Again. Try to contain your shock. We didn’t really have any plans for the day, so we headed into the nearby town of Killarney. It was drizzly, rainy weather, but that didn’t stop of us from some sight-seeing and shopping.

Look!!! It’s us together!!!! This is actually the only picture of BOTH of us from the entire trip. Oh and there’s a waterfall in the background. Torc waterfall to be exact. It’s in the Killarney National Park and red deer are frequently seen in this area. We did not see any red deer.

We did, however, continue walking up the hill until we saw a lake. Then we headed back to the car.

It’s Jake! I like him. I think I’ll keep him.

We headed to Ross Castle, and Jake decided to try his hand at being a nature photographer.

He got some really good shots! Very Artsy-Fartsy, so I’ll post those at the end of this post.

This is Ross Castle. It is the ancestral home of the O’Donoghue Clan and located on the edge of Lough Leane in Killarney National Park, County Kerry. Yes, I just got that from Wikipedia. It was built in the 15th century.

Look! Jake climbed on top of something!

And Jen made faces at him from the ground.

We wandered around Ross for a bit, then continued shopping for gifts for people back home and found a place to eat some dinner.  We drove around a bit more and found another castle.

This is Ballycarberry Castle. Or…was.  Jake wanted to walk up to it and get a closer look. It was all fenced off without a gate so I didn’t think it was a good idea. I didn’t really want to find out whether or not the owner of the property was okay with visitors exploring the ruins.

That’s pretty much it for Day 5! And as promised, here are the artsy-fartsy pictures:

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