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Ireland – Day 6 – Exploring Kinsale

July 6, 2012

On Day 6, we explored Southern Ireland on our way from Glenbeigh to Kinsale, but first things first. Breakfast. We had planned to stop somewhere to eat. So imagine my excitement we found a cafe with a view!

This is Ladies’ View. It was named for Queen Victoria’s ladies in waiting who visited this spot in 1861 and liked the view. However, the cafe wasn’t what I pictured. It was more like a Starbucks, without as many food options. You could have a scone or a sandwich. The sandwich options were tuna salad, chicken salad or cheese salad. I have no idea what cheese salad is, but it didn’t look appealing. We opted for the scones, which were delicious.

Our next stop was Dromberg Stone Circle (wiki tells me that it’s also known as the Druid’s Altar). It is one the most visited megalithic sites in Ireland and was in use around 900BC. Similar to Loughcrew, it was used to cremate the dead.

These front two are the entrance rocks and the altar is behind, directly across from the entrance.

This is the remains of hut where they would cook, etc. There’s an area where a small stream brought water into the hut and a cooking area.

Look! It’s a ghost wearing clothes! Oh wait…it’s just me needing a tan. Thank you, Jake, for this very flattering picture.

Revenge is mine! Here is an oh-so-flattering picture of Jake climbing up on a stone age rock.

Jake posing on the rock.

When we got to Kinsale, we checked into our hostel and then wandered around town. We found a neat church that had a neat graveyard and some church ruins. There were a number of graves for people who died when the Lusitania sunk.

This sign was posted on the wall of the graveyard. Now, I would think that it would go without saying that if you want to bury someone or erect a headstone in a church cemetery, that you’d need permission of the church, but I guess they felt the need to clarify.

Here’s a view of Kinsale from on top of a hill.

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