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Ireland – Day 8 Dublin

July 13, 2012

We had to get up early on Day 8 to return the rental car. You don’t need a car to get around Dublin and driving/parking is such an ordeal anyway that you’re better off without one. So we got up early assuming that our attempt to find the airport car return would go similar to our attempts to find everything else in Ireland in that we would get lost several times along the way and take about 3 times as long as it should have.  Wouldn’t you know it, that we drove straight there without any issues whatsoever. We dropped off the car and hopped on a bus to take us back into Dublin. We also bought our tickets for that same bus to pick us up near our hotel and bring us back to the airport the next day for our trip home.

We had the bus drop us off in Dublin somewhere near St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Our plan was to work our way back to our hotel at the other end of town, but first things first, BREAKFAST!  We stopped for breakfast at Eddie Rocket’s Diner. Eddie must be Johnny Rocket’s Irish cousin.

I think this was one of Jake’s favorite meals.

Christ Church Cathedral

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

See that little tiny street sign on the side of the building? That’s what I would have to try to find and read while Jake was driving. More often than not, I failed and we had to turn around.  This was much easier when you’re on foot.

If these hadn’t been crazy expensive, we would have come home with one.

Castle and a cool lawn

Hey! There’s one of these in Corte Madera!! I know because Jake & I have eaten there a couple of times.

There were quite a few street artists and muscians on these brick/cobble streets. We even passed a band playing some New Orlean’s Jazz! I didn’t expect that in Dublin!

Look at how crowded it is! And all the shops are smushed together! Those of you who know Jake won’t be surprised to learn that Dublin wasn’t his favorite place.

However, we did visit the Book of Kells at Trinity College and Jake was in heaven. They didn’t let us take any pictures so you’ll have to settle for the ones I snagged from the internet. The Book of Kells is an illustrated Bible written in Latin that was created by monks in the town of Kells. It is absolutely as ornate and intricate as it could possibly be and so perfect.

Then we walked through the Long Room at Trinity College’s Old Library.

The amount of history here was incredible. They have display cases down the center with just about any era you can possibly think of.

It’s a Jen-sized Teddy Bear.

Why yes, I did go yarn shopping in Ireland.

I came home with 3 skeins of yarn that was locally dyed in a shop-exclusive colorway (that’s the bright blue stuff). Another skein locally dyed by a different company (the light blue) and a skein of traditional Aran yarn in “Light Jacob”. Also, I totally fibbed on our US customs paperwork when it asked if we were bringing any animal products back.  Surely, yarn doesn’t count, right?!

We went to the Jameson Distillery to go to their dinner & tour event that night, but we were too late. It would have been nice if the flyer posted had a time listed! Oh well. We ended up at O’Shea’s pub just a few buildings down from our hotel. We enjoyed some traditional irish music, a couple pints of Bulmers and called it a night.

Bulmers. Yum.

The next morning we got up, and caught our bus to the airport. There, we wandered around a bit going to all the different desks for our VAT refunds, then went through US customs. After that, we got to our gate, started our journey home! The flights home were uneventful and Jake discovered that hilarity of Worst Cooks in America while I watched Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Dublin Artsy Fartsy – Again some are mine, some are Jake’s

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