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Busy busy!!

October 12, 2012

No new posts since July?! FOR SHAME!!! In my defense, I’ve been busy creating human life. Yep, Jake & I are expecting our first child sometime around April 9th, which puts me at 14 weeks pregnant. We’ve had an couple of ultrasounds and everything is looking good, so yay!  I know you’re thinking that my body is doing most of the work in creating this baby, and has it really prevented me from writing a blog post? Well yes and no. See, I’ve started a number of blog posts but I’ve discovered that somewhere in the exhaustion, morning  all day sickness and trying to be a halfway productive member of society, I lost my ability to be funny! I really could not muster up the energy to make a joke. Even the guys at work noticed! One told me that this pregnancy has made me more sarcastic and how that must be so fun for Jake. Good thing Jake appreciates sarcasm.  Another caught in me in hallways one afternoon a few weeks ago and I asked if I was feeling better. I said no and he responded with “Yeah, you don’t look any better.”  Gee, thanks?

But I seemed to have turned a corner! The all-day sickness has lightened up considerably. It’s been somewhat replaced by headaches, but those are hit and miss. Now the big question is looming ahead: Is it a boy or a girl?  We don’t know. It was too early to tell at our ultrasound last week, but Smurf has two arms, two legs and the correct number of fingers and you know, important stuff like a good heart beat, stomach and bladder. 

Profile View

Smurf with his/her legs crossed (and the top of the head)

Our anatomy scan is scheduled for Nov 15th where they’ll check all of Smurf’s organs and be able to tell us the gender. That’s one month from Monday. A MONTH! Just for fun, I decided to look at a few old wives’ tales and see what they predict Baby Smurf will be. Or rather, the easy ones. I’m not peeing in a cup and mixing it with Drano.

Chinese Gender Chart (as shown on the Bump): Girl
Heartrate over 140: Girl
Salty Cravings: Boy
Mayan Age/Year thing: Boy
Acne (lack of): Boy
Nausea/Vomiting: Girl

For the record, I think Smurf is a boy. Mostly because of a dream I had about a week before I found out that I’m pregnant. In the dream, I took a pregnancy test but it turned out not to be a pregnancy test. Instead, it was a gender prediction test that said Boy! So I was totally floored that not only was I pregnant but that it was a boy! So we’ll see…next month.

In the meantime, we’ve made our first baby purchases! Aren’t these adorable?

I love duckies.

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  1. October 13, 2012 1:38 am

    You’re still funny…loved the Gee thanks comment….one old wives tale from my grandma who lived to be 90 yrs old…if you do it in the morning you will have a girl if you do it at night it will be a boy. She got this from the people who bred cows in Arkansas back in the 1930’s. It worked for me, timing is everything: 🙂

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