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Baby Smurf is a GIRL!!

November 2, 2012

It’s official! Baby Smurf is a girl! Well, as official as it can get prior to delivery. And yes, I’ll be the one that asks at every ultrasound from now until April whether or not she’s still a girl. Still, two ultrasounds done two weeks apart both say it’s a girl, so I figure that’s a pretty good indication.

I also brought cupcakes into the office today to celebrate. I could wow you with some made-from-scratch recipe that I slaved over all night, but I didn’t. It’s Betty Crocker white cake mix with food coloring. Still, I think they turned out nice! The guys at the office seemed to enjoy them.

My first Mommy-related baking!!

Jake & I had differing opinions on what is an appropriate amount of pink sprinkles. Here is a picture that has both Jake-sprinkled and Jen-sprinkled cupcakes. I’ll let you guess which are which.

Oh!! And we also bought Smurf’s first dress!! Isn’t this adorable?!

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