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Shoes for Smurf, halfway done and other ramblings

November 19, 2012
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When you marry an artist, you learn that everything can be considered a canvas. “No, you can’t paint on my Kitchen Aid mixer!” But when there’s a baby on the way, it can actually be really beneficial.  “You mean, you can paint a GIRAFFE on the changing table?!  OMG! How cute!!!”  This is why we spent Friday night at Home Depot debating the merits of Sunshower vs Citrus.

On a recent shopping trip, Jake spotted an adorable pair of pink sneakers for Smurf so we tossed them in the cart. Once we got home, he broke out the sharpies.

And here are the finished shoes. No, they aren’t identical, but I like them anyway. I had to take one of them away from Jake when it wasn’t turning out quite how he’d pictured it and he was looking at it like he was just going to scribble all over it.

The flash washes out the pink somewhat, so here’s a closeup of one of the shoes.

Smurf is also halfway done! 4.5 months to go. EEK! Scary.  We had our Anatomy scan ultrasound last week and she’s growing right on target! Depending on which source you look at, she’s somewhere between the size of a banana, small cantelope or butternut squash. It seems to me that that is quite the range of produce! Most agree though that she weighs about 10 oz.  Her movements are getting stronger and Jake was even able to feel her move a few days ago.

We have some new ultrasound pictures.  A cute profile, an adorable one of her feet and some downright creepy ones of her face that look like a skeleton. Actually, I just realized they remind me of Achmed the Dead Terrorist. Hmm.

We watched Brave this weekend and I stated emphatically to Smurf that she is NOT EVER allowed to turn me into a bear. Maybe I should have been more concerned about her first words being “Silence! I kill you!”

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