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Happy 2013!!!

January 10, 2013
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We survived the Mayan Apocalypse!! And the holiday craziness!  Everyone is doing well.  Smurf is still growing right on target, weighing in at about 2 lbs now. The house is slowly becoming filled with more and more baby stuff. It’s going so fast!  This is our last week of the 2nd trimester! In fact, our official due date is 3 months from today!! Jake is actively trying to come up with ways to delay this, but I don’t think he’ll be any match for Mother Nature. Also, at the end when I’m as big as a house, uncomfortable and grouchy, he’ll probably welcome it.

We had a Fetal Echo last week to make sure that everything is looking good with Smurf’s heart. It is and she is also still a girl. The tech said that everything looks beautiful and she doesn’t see anything we need to be concerned about. Smurf was a little stinker and kept moving around and playing with her cord. It was pretty funny. The sonographer tried to listen to the umbilical cord and just as she got the wand positioned right, she said “So are you going to be nice and let me listen?” hit the button to listen and then nada…Smurf moved the cord. The sonographer said “Well, that’s a no.” Hehe. Then she would freeze the image for a minute or two to take a measurement and go back to the live feed only to find that Smurf had moved away. At the end, she had wiggled herself so that her heart was right under my belly button, making it difficult to get the last few measurements.  So essentially, she was as uncooperative as she could be.  🙂  Jake says those must be my genes at work.

I’ve also been busy knitting! During our Thanksgiving road trip, I started a blanket and finished it up a few days ago. This makes it my first finished object of 2013.

Yarn: Three Irish Girls Kells Sport in Curacao, Devin, Dorian Gray, Natural, Passion Punch and When Life Gives You Lemons
Pattern: Log Cabin Baby Blanket by Purl Soho

Comments: I love this pattern. It’s easy, mindless knitting and the result is awesome. My finished size is about 38″ by 45″. I would have kept going, but I was running out of some colors, which would have made it difficult to continue the color choosing decisions I had been making up to this point.

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