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Cloth Diaper Insanity!

July 2, 2013
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Some of you know that we use cloth diapers for Annabelle.  There are a number of environmental reasons to use cloth diapers, but my reason is financial. It’s cheaper, but you pay more upfront as opposed to spreading out the cost over the time that your baby is in diapers. We have two sizes of diapers, newborn and one-size. Newborn diapers fit from preemie to 12lbs and one-size diapers are adjustable and fit 8 to 35lbs, hence the designation as “one-size”.  Still, the OS diapers tend to not fit the itty-bitty babies very well, which is why we bought both newborn & OS diapers. Annabelle’s newborn diapers still fit well so we haven’t ventured into the OS yet.

In addition to sizes, there are all sorts of different kinds of cloth diapers. I’ll spare you a dissertation on all the different kinds with pros and cons and cut to the chase. We have 30 newborn diapers that are “all-in-one”. They are easiest to use since it’s just one piece. It acts just like a disposable diaper, except that you wash it instead of throwing it away. The downside is that they are more expensive than some of the other types of diapers. In fact, using cloth diapers in this newborn phase isn’t necessarily cheaper than disposables. However, I know myself and that if I didn’t start using cloth diapers from the beginning, I’d get in a groove, get comfortable and just stay there. Plus cloth diapers are just cuter.

Here are our cutest prints. Giraffe, Math and Kangaroos

To bring down the cost of the newborn diapers, I purchased 2/3 of them used but in good condition. So taking into account the amount of money spent on the newborn diapers and the average number of diapers she goes through a day, she will need to be in these diapers for 14 weeks to break even with an estimated cost of disposable diapers. She’s 12 weeks old and today and still doing well in these diapers, so I’m pretty sure that we’ll hit the 14 week mark.  Annabelle is on the smaller end of the growth charts, so I would guess that most babies would have already outgrown these.  The real savings in newborn cloth diapers comes with being able to use them for subsequent children. Our diapers are still in good condition and can absolutely be used for another baby. More savings!!

Okay, enough of the boring money & savings stuff. We have 10 Rumparooz Lil Joeys, 11 Bumgenius Newborn AIO, 3 Kissaluvs Newborn AIO, 3 Grovia Newborn AIO, 2 Swaddlebees Simplex and 1 Blueberry Mini Pocket.  Alright, I lied. We have 1 newborn pocket diaper, but they aren’t all that different from AIOs and didn’t figure you were all that interested in the nitty-gritty.  Our favorite diapers are the Lil Joeys, Bumgenius and Swaddlebees. The Lil Joeys have a double elastic gussets around the legs, which is great for keeping the mess contained.

Tummy time in her Lil Joeys Kanga print.

Our least favorite are the Kissaluvs with the Grovia right there as well. In fact, we have recently removed them from the rotation and they will soon become packing material for our upcoming move. The elastic around the legs in the Kissaluv diapers became loose very quickly and no longer hold in the mess. This is a key requirement of any diaper, don’t you think? And yes, I bought both used and new Kissaluvs and they all have loose elastic around the legs. The Grovia just never seemed to fit well. So we’re now down to 24 diapers in our rotation. Annabelle will soon move into her OS diapers, so we won’t bother replacing those 6 diapers until we have another. When we do, we will be getting Lil Joeys.

Here is Annabelle showing off her giraffe print Swaddlebees Simplex All-In-One.

In other random news, we have noticed a pattern when Annabelle wears her math diapers. She tends to have rather large messes while wearing them. It’s a bit early for her to dislike math, isn’t it?

Mess or not, the geek in me loves the math print.

Yay! A whole post without any tangents!! Success! Jake is rather concerned that something might be wrong with me.

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