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Annabelle turns 4 months old – Week 4

August 25, 2013

On Week 4 of this new adventure, Annabelle turned 4 months old.  FOUR MONTHS!  So, another month, another round of giraffe pictures:

We’ve been trying to guess what color her eyes will be. They’ve lightened a bit since she was born, but are still predominately the grey-blue.  Jake swears he sees a bit of hazel starting to show through.  Hazel eyes would not be surprising, given both of her parents have hazel eyes, although mine are more brown than Jake’s. Although, in my opinion, Jake’s eyes are green but he tells me they were definitely hazel when he was a kid but have lightened to green.  My eyes have also lightened. They were definitely brown when I was a kid, then some time in Jr. High a friend said “Oh you have those weird eyes.”  I was like “Weird eyes? You mean brown?” the other person insisted that my eyes had different colors, which then prompted me to get 3″ from mirror with my eyes opened wide and what do you know! She was right! A bit of green was starting to show around the edge. Since then, the green area has grown.

I’ve now searched my smugmug account for a picture that shows what I’m talking about regarding my eye color that isn’t some random humongous picture of my eyeball. So here’s a very flattering picture of Christy & I making faces at the camera. Actually, I think that’s part of the problem. Any picture of me that is close-up enough to get a good shot of my eye color is REALLY close and so I’m likely making a funny face. I mean, really. What else can you do when someone gets all up close & personal?

What’s that? You’d prefer the random eye-ball picture?

Creepy, no?  I’m watching you! I’m going to steal your soul! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Right about now, you’re probably asking yourself why in the world I have a random picture of my eye ball.  We’ll blame Jake for this particular picture. It’s an outtake when he was messing around with the camera while we were taking pictures of the baby.

Did I ever mention that a few years ago, my brother & I had an argument about my eye color? I feel like I’ve mentioned it but maybe it’s just because I’ve told the story so many times.  So here we go for the zillionth time:

Jen: Well, at least my tattoos will help them identify the body if something tragic happens to me. *paraphrasing because I can’t remember my exact comment. And yes, we sometimes have very morbid conversations.*
Jason – Yep. Brown eyes, brown hair, 3 tattoos.
Jen – That’s great, except my eyes are hazel.
Jason – No they’re not.
Jen – Yes they are.
Jason – That’s not what your driver’s license says.
Jen – Yes it is. *At this point, I was thinking are you REALLY arguing with me over the color of my eyes?!”
Jason – Let me see!
Jen – Okay. *pulls out drivers license and hands it to him*
Jason – Take off your sunglasses!
Jen – Okay.  *takes off my sunglasses and gives him a wide-eyed crazy look.*
Jason – Pfft. Whatever. Go away.

That’s about as close as I’ll ever get to Jason admitting he was wrong.

And just for good measure, here’s an eyeball picture of Jake.

Okay so back to Annabelle’s eyes! What do you think?

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