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Finally caught up!!

October 1, 2013
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Yahoo! After my last monster picture post, I’m finally caught up with real time! This victory may not last very long, so I have to enjoy it while it’s here. So what happened last week? Not a whole lot.

Okay well this happened.  Another sourdough starter overflow problem.  The bummer? We didn’t have any flour on Saturday night so we couldn’t make bread on Sunday. Which means all that starter was tossed (we still have two full jars in the fridge).  Note to self: Start buying BIG bags of flour.

I’m a tad concerned about Puss in Boots, Spiderman and Old MacDonald being classified as nonfiction.

Work has been equally as exciting. I’ve taken lots of pictures like this one. I’m documenting the work being done (sawcutting for signal detection loops) as well as the fact that the grass came up on the shoulder. YAY! Grass has grown! Probably because it “finally rained”.  My co-workers had been complaining about the lack of rain and I’m sitting there thinking “What are you talking about?! It’s rained just a month or two ago!”  I’ve tried telling them that it’s not at all unusual for us to get our last rain in the Central Valley in March or April and not get another until December. They can’t even fathom it. I have to admit that I am looking forward to some more thunderstorms. The thunder is just amazing.

Annabelle has been trying lots of new foods! I think this was squash. And Jake’s hand. Hi Jake!! Squash was a big hit, carrots are usually okay too and Jake’s mom reports that sweet potatoes didn’t get any complaints. However, green beans? Yeah, that didn’t go over well.  Peas were okay for a bit and then she was done. And what’s really awesome is the way her whole face lights up when she sees either a bottle or a little bowl and spoon coming her way. She gets so excited and looks from the food to you, back to the food and back to you like “For me?! You Like me! You REALLY like me!!”

Here she is chewing on her favorite teether: Sophie the Giraffe. She loves this thing (despite the above evidence of giraffe torture). It makes a bit of a squeaking sound when she chews on it so it’ll be totally except for “Squeak squeak squeak….squeak”.  And when you hold it up and squeak it at her? She gets the biggest grin!! She also has the plush Sophie (it was a set) and I believe it made an appearance in the last post. One of these days, I should count up the number of giraffes this girl has. I can think of 5 off the top of my head.  But if you add in blankets and clothing? I would bet we’re in the 20s, maybe more. The link above takes you to an article from the Wall Street Journal discussing Sophie’s travel from France to the US. I really don’t know when or why we bought one, except that it probably went something like this: OH look! A Giraffe! *gift set dropped into cart*

She loves being read to (and sung to for that matter).  Our latest favorite is Room on the Broom. It’s a fun, cute Halloween-ish story about a witch with a broom who keeps dropping stuff and friendly animals help her out. It also rhymes which makes it kind of fun to read outloud once you get the rhythm going. This book was one of those “Oh you spent enough money today to get this book for JUST an extra $3!” that I decided “why not?” Then I got home and realized they charged me the whole $6!!  I was tempted to return it, but then I read it and actually, we’ve read more than the books I  took up to the register in the first place. So it’s been well worth the $6.  It’s a cute story that makes me laugh as I make side comments on the pictures. Things like “Oh look! The dog is stuck carrying the cauldron! The cat isn’t doing anything! Lazy cat. See dogs are better” or “Why does a BIRD need to hitch a ride on a broom?!”

Oh and the mismatched socks were not my doing. I’ll leave you to guess who did that one. Also, notice how they’re half off? That’s one of her latest tricks. She hasn’t yet learned to hide her mischief and so we tend to catch her with her socks in her hands.

As for the singing, I’ve been going through every weird YMCA camp song that I still remember from the ONE time I went to camp when I was about 13, plus “Doe a deer”, “Yankee Doodle” and “Pop goes the Weasel.”  Speaking of, we also bought this “First little house” book:

Towards the end, Pa is playing his fiddle and singing Pop goes the Weasel. So when reading it to Annabelle, I also sang Pop Goes the Weasel. This caught Jake’s attention and he wanted to know if those lyrics were written out. I said they were and he said “huh! I never knew there were words to that song.”  Seriously? How did he did he not know that?! Then again, this is also the guy whose summary of The Little Mermaid was “she wants feet and likes forks.”

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