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October 10, 2013
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Happy October!

Last week, I had to go to Linn, Missouri for training. The last time I had to go away overnight for work training, it was in San Luis Obispo. Let me tell you, Linn, MO is no SLO. However, I have to admit the class wasn’t bad. They tell you the first day that it’s a CERTIFICATION class, not a training class. They went quickly through the material, then the next day we had a written exam, then a lab test. It wasn’t exciting but Hey! I passed! I am now certified to sort rocks!! See, I told you it wasn’t exciting.  I missed my family though. It was my first time away from Annabelle.

So here are some of the pictures I got of her while I was away.

This is how she always sleeps. It’s so adorable!

Here she is contemplating world domination for $1 MEEEEELION dollars.


On Saturday we had rain…and a baby who refused to go to sleep even though she desperately needed it and was rather cranky. So we did what many parents before us have done. We loaded her up and went for a drive. She was asleep in no time. Still, we didn’t want to risk going back home TOO soon because she might wake up. We wandered around town a bit, through a Steak ‘N Shake drive thru and by the Pythian Castle in Springfield.

You know, when I was a kid, before I had any clue what the numbers actually meant, I never thought it was fair that one number got bigger faster than the other one. And this was way back in the dark ages when gas just was over $1 per gallon.  Now that gas is over $3 per gallon and I’m actually very well aware of what the numbers mean, I think it’s REALLY a bummer that one number gets bigger faster than the other one.

How about one more baby picture for good measure?

Chipmunk cheeks!!

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