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Fall has arrived in Missouri

October 16, 2013

Jake & I have a bunch of stuff stored at his parents’ farm in one of their spare buildings. Actually, two of them, but the majority is in one.  We had to take some stuff to the farm and bring some other stuff back to our house. It’s all a big game of musical stuff right now.  So we were making one these “stuff shuffle” type trips and had an interesting experience. You see, they have animals at the farm.

Animals such as these. Introducing Molly Mule and a horse. I don’t know if the horse has a name. Sorry.  The presence of animals wasn’t surprising. It is a farm, after all. But the part that caught of us off guard is that two turned into three:

And then three turned into four

It was pretty funny. Then Molly Mule tried to walk into one of the buildings. And they blocked us from opening the gate so we could leave. Maybe they just really liked us? And no, I don’t know the name of any of the other horses either.

Annabelle turned 6 months old!! Another giraffe picture!

She loves food. She will practically jump out of your arms to get to a bottle. She also grabs for stuff that catches her attention.

Let’s hope that this is not an indication that she inherited her father’s Cherry Coke habit.

I also got a flu shot. Or as Jake puts it, I paid someone to give me the flu. I would like to point out that I did NOT pay someone to give me the flu. My insurance covered it. Although, I do pay for insurance so I guess in a roundabout way, I did pay someone to give me the flu. The good news is that it’s been more than a week so I’m pretty sure they did not accidentally give me Ebola.  You know, this is only the 3rd flu shot I’ve had in 13 years? The 2nd one was last year because it’s recommended for PG women. The 1st was my freshman year of college because my friends talked me into it. PEER PRESSURE! It’s a real thing.

Oh and fall has arrived in Missouri. It’s been cold. We even had to turn on our heater. Crazy, right? It’s way too early for me.

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