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My knitting bag hides things.

October 25, 2013

I need to talk about my knitting bag. It looks like a normal canvas tote. It has two pockets, the large one that’s holding a few stray yarn balls and my current project, and the front one that holds a random assortment of stitch markers, scissors, measuring tape, and whatever else might get tossed in there.  Looks pretty harmless right? Except that it isn’t. That front pocket hides things.

I lost a small envelope of stitch markers for MONTHS. Months of tearing apart the living room, searching that bag over and over and over again. Nada. Then one day? Bam. Right there, as if to say “I’ve been here all along. You’re just blind.” I let it go as a freak one time thing. Then a few days ago I lost my measuring tape. I knew I stuck in my bag but it was NOT THERE. I searched everywhere. Jake searched my bag too! Then yesterday? It was right there. Taunting me. This process repeats itself every 2 or 3 months. No matter how thoroughly I search that bag, it is NOT THERE. Until it is.  Maybe it’s a portal for another realm. Or it could be those stinkin’ borrowers. Maybe it’s just much easier for them to get in an out of that front pocket as opposed to the main portion of the bag.

My yarn stash might still be in boxes, but I’ve pulled out my stuff and started knitting again anyway. Right now I’m working on this.

It’s very very pink but I was told the recipient is a fan of pink.  She should be thrilled! I’m pretty happy with it too because I really like this pattern.  It has cables and I like cables. I really like cables. Especially big thick cabled sweaters. LOVE! This is not a big thick cabled sweater, but there are cables.

I also recently finished this hedgehog.

I love making these hedgehogs. They’re such cute little projects and take almost no time. Instant gratification!  This one got mailed off to its new home in San Diego, California.

No post is complete without mentioning Annabelle. Here she is modeling her 49er bow that Julie got her. She isn’t wearing a shirt because of an incident at Cracker Barrel. An incident where we had no wipes in her diaper bag. Parenting fail.

Speaking of things that weren’t in the diaper bag…

Here is Jake holding a big plastic trash bag. Now you’re probably asking yourself, WHY is Jake holding a trash bag? Well. It’s like this. We use cloth diapers. It’s mainly for financial reasons but really, we’ve found them to be very convenient. Out of diapers? Just do a load of laundry! No last minute runs to the store! In fact, when we had only been in MO a few days (we used disposable diapers for our trip out here), we discovered we were out of diapers. I told Jake we were out and he said “What? How can we be out?” Umm…because we’ve used the ones we had and now we don’t have any. And then we had to figure out if the local store might still be open because OMG, we were OUT OF DIAPERS.  Again, using our cloth diapers, we’re never out of diapers. Usually it’s a matter of hmm, this wet bag (the bag you stick the dirty diapers in until you wash them) is getting full. Probably time for a load of laundry.

ANYWAY, back to Jake and the trash bag. You see, we also have two little versions of these wet bags so when we’re out and about, we can shove a dirty cloth diaper in one of those bags and not get the diaper bag dirty. Except they don’t work very well when you leave them at home. And there’s a very dirty diaper that needs changed asap.  Being the resourceful people that we are, we immediately started looking around the car for something that could be used and look! We have a big black trash bag! We wrapped the diaper in the ridiculously huge trash bag. Hey, whatever works, right?

My sandwich loves me!! Or maybe the sandwich maker loves me. Jake is awesome and makes my lunch which I appreciate so much. Plus it saves us so much money since I rarely eat out if I’ve already got a lunch with me.

And lastly, look at these eyelashes!! My eyelashes are fairly long and my sister can practically sweep the floor with hers. She’s well on her way.

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