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The week in which I acquired a Yarn Safe.

October 28, 2013

We just moved to Missouri, right? And I’ve got this knitting hobby? and I believe I’ve also mentioned that I’m a bit of a Yarn Snob.  I am. It’s just how it went. Merino wool? Yep! Silk? Of course! Cashmere? obviously. Merino cashmere silk blend? MUST HAVE IT.  Especially if it’s hand dyed from one of the best yarn companies ever like say…Anzula. Speaking of Anzula, their Oasis yarn is TO DIE FOR.  It’s a silk camel blend and OMG. So soft. I did a sample hat for them in Oasis and was smitten. I had to track it down and buy some for myself. I now have two skeins in a gorgeous blue that I got from Knit Addiction in Clovis before we moved.

Gorgeous right? I have no clue what I’m going to do with it but that’s okay. Just having it to squish and look at makes me happy. In general, yarn just plain makes me happy and luxury yarn even more so. Which is why I have so much of it.  I even have a spreadsheet that I used to keep track of it. Spreadsheets and yarn? HEAVEN!!! Plus, I keep an updated inventory on Ravelry complete with pictures of each different base/colorway. This came in very handy a couple weeks ago when we got our Renter’s Insurance and I wanted to make sure my yarn was covered. They told me to make sure I have an inventory and preferably pictures too. Done and done.

When we moved, I carefully packed all my yarn in gallon sized ziplock bags, then packed the bags neatly in boxes. Surely two big boxes would be enough right? It wasn’t. It took two big boxes, two small boxes and a then a few stray skeins here & there, but it did the trick. All the yarn arrived safe and sound. Still, I’ve missed my yarn while it’s been packed up. I had no easy way to squish it or admire it.  It’s hard to be inspired when I can’t look at it whenever I want. It was very sad. So I’ve been on the lookout for a piece of furniture that could be used for yarn storage and this week, the perfect solution presented itself.

This is a pie safe. For those who don’t know, Wikipedia says “A pie safe, also called a pie cupboard, pie chest, kitchen safe, and meat safe, is a piece of furniture designed to store pies and other food items. This was a normal household item before iceboxes came into regular use.” I saw it on craigslist and immediately thought it would be great for storing yarn, but we didn’t have a good way to transport it and Craigslist stuff goes so fast sometimes. I figured it was worth the gamble and texted the owners and set up a time to see it. Then Jake & I went out to our Escape with a tape measure to answer the big question: Would it fit? The answer: Just barely.

We arrived at the owners house and yep. Looks great. Let’s load it up.  Then I crossed my fingers and hoped that the measurements in the ad were accurate. They were. It fit. Just barely.  I think we had about half an inch of room on either side and maybe half an inch total from the back when we slid it in with the back seats laid down. And I had to drive because I’m short. But it FIT!! SUCCESS!! We got it home and I immediately set about turning it from a pie safe into a yarn safe.

The lighting is really bad because it was fairly late by the time I finished but doesn’t it look awesome? I love it. And it is FULL. Or mostly full. The top holds my luxury yarns and there’s still some room for a few more skeins. The drawers and bottom hold the rest of my yarn, stuffing, needles, magazines and other knitting paraphernalia. I also have 4 Bucilla Felt Stocking kits in there. My goal is Christmas 2014.

I also went to my first ever knitting night! Knit Together Springfield.  It’s a group predominately made up of other yarn snobs, which means I fit right in. They were so nice and I’m excited to go back again this week.  They talked about group trips to a couple different knitting conventions and I can’t wait to go!

My latest project is coming along nicely. Hopefully I’ll be done in a couple of weeks and probably start something new just in time for my birthday trip. I want to get this off to its new home as soon as possible. Not that the recipient knows it’s coming or will even be able to wear it because we’re heading into winter but still. She’ll have it for spring as soon as it’s warm enough.

Moving on from knitting, LOOK AT THIS SMILE!!!

Love her big grins.

She continues to eat everything we give her, and a few things that she acquires herself. Like her socks. Socks are one of her favorite non-food items to try to eat. Also, anything paper. She was quite upset with me a couple days ago when I took away a store receipt because she was trying to eat it. You know, now that I look at that picture, I think one of those socks is currently MIA. Maybe she succeeded in actually eating it.

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