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November 6, 2013

I’m sure other interesting things happened last week but HALLOWEEN! I love Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday.  I meant to decorate my house for Halloween but forgot, then ran out of time. We were also going to carve pumpkins but ran out of time for that too. Oh well, the pumpkins still look nice sitting on the porch uncarved. Harvest Pumpkins!

I went to work dressed as Carmen Sandiego. Mostly because I already have all the pieces.  I placed 7th in the costume contest out of 10 entries. It was totally rigged, I tell ya. While I work on the District office complex, I don’t work AT the District office, know what I mean? Our office is a separate building. The voting took place at the DO and I don’t know anyone there. Actually, I was fine with the results except that the cowgirl placed one ahead of me. My costume was totally better than hers. I don’t have photographic evidence of either costume so you’ll just have to take my word for it. Next years theme is superheros. I’m thinking I should come up with something along the lines of MoDOT SNOW FIGHTER! OOH! OR what if I dress up as a snow plow with a cape?! Would need Jake’s help with the artwork involved. One of the guys in my office already wants to go as Barrel Bob. Barrel Bob is the MoDOT spokesbarrel.

Don’t forget. MoDOT cares.

Annabelle dressed up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Hi! I’m Belle!

Please…no pictures.

It’s not easy being a princess, but someone’s got to do it.

* Side note, seeing that Kate had to practically have a press conference when she left the hospital after having baby George, made me realize that I am SO glad that I’m not a princess.

I’m through with your silly game.

No, really. We can move on to something else now.

I host my pictures on Smugmug because I have unlimited storage, it’s easy to upload them and they’re easy to insert into this blog, Ravelry (knitting website) etc. Well Smugmug also has features to do basic color corrections, red eye fixing, etc. And I just found the really fun stuff.

HELP ME!! Mom trapped me in a BUBBLE!!!


Mom had way too much fun with this one. Just be glad I’m not green.


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