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Two weeks in one post

November 18, 2013

We went to California from Nov 8 to Nov 11. I usually split my weeks for these posts from Sunday-Saturday and this trip straddled two weeks. What to do?! I thought about putting the whole trip on one week or another, then thought I’d split the trip. Then I had procrastinated enough to be able to write one post covering both weeks. Procrastination for the win!

Early morning on Nov 8th at ridiculous o’clock, we loaded up a bunch of stuff and drove the 3 hours from Springfield to MCI (Kansas City International Airport). Well, Jake drove. I kept him company for about an hour, then fell asleep. I woke up just before we got to Kansas City. On the way there, we realized that we hadn’t brought Annabelle’s birth certificate and were worried that it might cause a problem but by the time we realized that, it was too late to go back. We’d have missed our flight so we took our chances. Thankfully, neither the check-in nor any of the TSA agents asked for it.

This is how she spent the majority of the flight from Kansas City to LAX. The rest of the time she flirted with our neighbors and elicited lots of smiles and compliments.

Hanging out at LAX, checking on Jake’s teeth. Maybe we’ve got a future dentist on our hands?

This is how she spent the flight from LAX to Sacramento (SMF), except she was asleep for most of it. Actually, I think she was asleep before we took off.

This greeted us as we came down the escalator in Sacramento. Yes, indeed. We were back in my part of the world. And yes, all of my professors knew my name. Great, now I have the Cheers theme song stuck in my head. “Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name. And they’re always glad you came…” Did you know that I have visited the bar in Boston that Cheers was based on? Now it’s been renamed and renovated to look just like the Cheers set, but it was still neat. My dad was pretty excited about it when I brought him back a souvenir. He was not, however, excited about the trip itself. He was sure I was going to have a run-in with the Boston Strangler.

We picked up our rental car and hit the road for San Jose! With a pit stop in West Sacramento to eat at the Squeeze Inn. We were actually fairly disappointed in our lunch, even though the place has been featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. It’s expanded quite a bit in recent years, so maybe the quality  has gone down? That was a bit of a bummer.

Annabelle was quite happy with her lunch of Strawberry banana puree and her outfit matched the décor of the restaurant. It’s always good to coordinate with your surroundings.

We visited with lots of family and friends during our quick trip but managed to not get a single picture of Annabelle with any of them. Parental fail. We also went to the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas in Ukiah. This picture of Jake holding Annabelle while my dad investigates what he’s sure is a massive incense burner?

It’s the closest we have to a picture of Annabelle with any of the people we visited. Oops.

The City of Ten Thousand Buddhas is a Buddhist monastery. It was originally a state hospital so the architecture isn’t all that spectacular.

This is the Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas.  I didn’t take any pictures of the interior with all the Buddhas on the walls because there was a service happening and we didn’t want to disturb anyone.

Jake tried to sacrifice the baby to the lion.

This is the Instilling Goodness Elementary Girls School. There is also a school for boys and the Developing Virtue Secondary Schools. These weren’t on the walking path that they ask visitors to stick to. They also have a vegan restaurant, but anyone who knows my dad knows that there was no way we’d get him to eat there. Not that Jake is a huge fan of vegetables either.

This is the entrance/exit as seen through the back windshield.

Thankfully, Jake was not successful in his attempt to feed the baby to the lion. Here she is later that day just vegging.

Monday morning, we loaded up again at ridiculous o’clock and drove to the Sacramento airport. Actually, we drove about 30 minutes, realized Jake didn’t have his wallet, turned around, got the wallet and then headed to the Sacramento Airport. They might not ask us for Annabelle’s birth certificate, but they were definitely going to ask for Jake’s picture I.D.

Here she is excited to go home! We had a little bit of fussiness one of our flights. It took us about 5 minutes to get her to stop whining, but at least it wasn’t full blown hysterical crying. During our 5 flights to CA and back, we had a total of about 10 minutes of fussiness. We really can’t complain much about that! Flying really doesn’t bother her at all.  Such a relief! And yes, I know this may be an entirely different story when she’s old enough to want to run around.

But today, we’re going to celebrate a small victory and a great trip.

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