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Trading in my hard hat for high heels

December 10, 2013

How time flies when you’re having fun!! We’ve been crazy busy! Thanksgiving, getting ready for Christmas and my brother is here visiting! Oh and then there’s that issue of 8″ of snow that got dumped on Springfield over 36 hours. So here’s another 2 for 1 post. Then I’ll be caught up again!


Annabelle’s first Thanksgiving. She had acorn squash, bits of mashed potato, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, ham and turkey. It was a great day with lots of awesome food.

It’s actually be a rather productive couple of weeks for us. First, I finished our Ireland photo book! I uploaded it to blurb and got it ordered with a 30% off coupon. SCORE! It’s only been a year and a half since our trip. All it takes is some motivation and a 30% off coupon will do just that. We also got the backroom of the house mostly cleaned out. Yahoo!! As I said, my brother is visiting and he needed a place to sleep. Again, all it takes is some motivation.  An over-the-door shoe organizer to store bathroom supplies doesn’t hurt either.

Most exciting is that we fixed the brakes on the firebird and it’s now on the road!!

This is the Firebird! Although, I think my brother has dubbed the She-bird. The license plate is 731 SHE. We discussed a number of options, including the Super Bird. But Jake’s favorite item at Denny’s is the Super Bird no tomato. If we called it the Superbird, it would have to be Superbird no tomato.  Anyway, the firebird doesn’t actually look like that anymore. It looks more like this:

Although this is an even more recent photo:

That would be that snow I mentioned previously. It was gorgeous 50 something degree weather around here on Wednesday of last week. 48 hours later, Springfield was a Winter Wonderland. It started off as just a dusting.

But then it just kept coming.

Gandalf says hi.

You see how he’s looking at the camera like “Woe is me”?  yeah, don’t feel bad for him. He could come inside at any time.

This is Piper. She was not excited about the snow. In fact, she came to screeching halt at the doorway and looked at the snow. Then at us. Then back at the snow. Then back at us. It’s as if she was saying “Hey. Something has invaded the backyard. Maybe you should look into it.”

Her snow suit is a little big.

Why am I posting a random blurry picture? Because I thought it was awesome that Ice Ice Baby came on the satellite radio while I was driving home during a snow shower. Let’s ignore the safety issues involved with taking a picture whilst driving down the road in a snow shower.  Speaking of driving in the snow, this was only the second time I’d ever driven in snow! And it was the first time I drove while it was actually snowing.

It’s looking a lot like Christmas! Which means lots of shopping. I’m slowly working my way through the shopping list but I’m starting to get concerned that Christmas is approaching faster than I can shop. I should probably just make a big push and get it all done, but I have to get caught up on here first. Priorities! I’m also working on sending on Christmas cards. A few people already have them, and more will hit the post office tomorrow.

This is the office Christmas tree. Notice the oil can ornaments, the surveying tape garland and the safety vest tree skirt. Although my favorite part is definitely the survey stakes, with the traffic cone tree topper coming in at a close second. However, I’ve got news. I’m no longer part of the Springfield Project Office. I was promoted and am now based in the District Office. It’s an exciting change that seemed to go so slowly from application to interview (about a month) then really fast from interview to job offer (a week, but it was really only 3 business days because of the holiday) and then job offer to starting the job (another 3 business days). I feel the need to point out that the title of this post might be a slight exaggeration. It’s true that I won’t need a hard hat nearly as often as before, but it isn’t completely gone for good. I’ll need one every now and again. Heels aren’t required but they are definitely now an option, whereas steel toed boots are required for Construction.

One more for good measure. She isn’t amused with this new cold and snow thing.

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  1. Carolyn Thomas permalink
    December 10, 2013 3:13 am

    As usual…I love your blog.

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