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Christmas and New Years

January 6, 2014

Our new battery charger arrived so not only do we have a camera that is more than a paperweight, we also have Christmas pictures! Oh and new Giraffe pictures. I think the giraffe pictures were taken the week before, but again, we couldn’t get to them because of the battery problem. The bonus is that you’ll get lots of pics in this post. See? Aren’t I nice?

I know, there’s no giraffe in this one, but I love it. She’s been doing this closed mouth smile that’s so cute!

Hi! My name is Annabelle.

Can I eat your phone?

Sadly, the giraffe pictures didn’t go so well this time. We had a problem with cooperation.

I don’t want to play with the giraffe. My feet are much more interesting.

Just because you stuck the giraffe on me, doesn’t mean I want to play with it. Actually, I think it’s entrapment.

You have no idea the things this giraffe says to me. Why would you force me to listen? That’s so wrong.

Just kidding! Giraffe and I are buddies!

My best friend (Jake’s sister) and her family arrived for the week of Christmas. It was fairy cold, but not nearly as bad as the single digit temps we had when Jason was here. The bummer was that all the snow was gone. I think Izzy would have really liked playing in it and we could have attempted sledding again. We stayed at the farm on Christmas Eve and most of Christmas Day, so we had 6 adults, 2 kids and 3 dogs. Lots of Christmas chaos!!

Working on Dr. Seuss puzzle on Christmas Eve. Annabelle is sitting away from the action because she kept sabotaging our efforts by trying to eat the pieces. I stuck Annabelle’s bow in my hair, so it wouldn’t get lost. Or maybe it’s just because I was jealous and wanted it for myself.

Getting some help with her giraffe from her cousin, Izzy.


Izzy making a pie crust! She also got to fill it and eat it. Her first pie!!

Christmas is messy business.

Dinner with Uncle Todd

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  1. Carolyn Thomas permalink
    January 6, 2014 1:08 am

    I love the pictures!

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