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January update!

January 21, 2014

Things have been going pretty well around here. We’ve survived the polar vortex (that was way too cold) and today it was 60 degrees. Awesome! I swear that the weather in the Midwest is bipolar.  One minute it’s nice, then you blink and it’s dumping snow or -1o!! Schools were been closed, people worked from home, and Jake’s work trucks wouldn’t start. The diesel was all gelled up.

The Firebird is not a snowbird. It slips and slides all over the place, but it’s now all licensed in Missouri! Did I tell you that last week? I don’t remember. I should go check. Nope, doesn’t look like I mentioned it. I was able to get personalized plates that match the original CA plates. It’s awesome and makes me smile whenever I see it. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Piper still isn’t a fan of the snow.

Hmm, what does it say about my blog if I start off talking about the weather? Nothing good, I’m sure.

Moving on now, I tried some chili from Caspers, which is a Springfield legend. It’s only open from 10-4 M-F in the winter. Could the hours get any less convenient? But they’ve been there for 50+ years and people love them. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. To me, the chili tasted more like cheeseburger soup. Jake thought there was a hint of heat/spice, but I’d have told you that there was absolutely NONE.  Still, I think we’ll be back.

Oh! Annabelle started swim lessons at the Y! She loves the water, but doesn’t care for swallowing pool water.

Swimming is fun and all, but I’m ready for my nap now. Thanks.

She also turned 9 months! Which means, more Giraffe pictures!

At 9 months, she isn’t quite crawling but man she’s working hard at it. She likes to dance as soon as she hears music or any beat. She loves to watch the dogs and enjoys long walks on the beach be walked around the mall in her stroller. She’s 15lbs, and 26.5″

Repurposed spaghetti. Why eat it, if you can wear it? Must be my kid.

It’s the new fad!!

Sleeping Beauty.

This is a shining example of my phone’s poor “smart phone” abilities. It takes horrible pictures, half the time the internet, texting and/or chatting doesn’t work.  I contemplate phone-icide on a daily basis.  Anyway, we went to Whiskey Fest on Saturday! Jake tried 33 different whiskeys and we sat in on a half-hour seminar called Whiskey 101 where we learned the differences in whiskey, bourbon, scotch, etc. It was a lot of fun! I was the sober driver and the ultimate drink pusher. “You should try this one! It’s got a pretty bottle!” Then I kept notes of which ones he liked. His favorite was $250 a bottle. There was a tie for 2nd place, which were both from the same distillery (one is made in old bourbon barrels, the other in old French port barrels) and are $150 a bottle. The good news is that he got to try lots of ones he’d always wanted to try and found some reasonably priced options he likes. Yay! And the food was pretty good.

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  1. Carol ( Grandma) permalink
    January 22, 2014 4:57 am

    As Always I loved loved it!!!

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