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And just like that, it’s February.

February 7, 2014

So what did we do last week? Umm…I’m sure we did something. Oh wait! I finished the sample knit I was working on and will be mailed off shortly. Then, undecided on what to work next, I hexipuffed! I hadn’t made any hexipuffs in almost a year, so I had to look up the pattern again. I made 12 puffs, which brings my total to 50. Progress! I’m hoping to do another 10 or so this month, plus a hat for Annabelle.

And Jake drew the dogs. You see, Jake is good at artsy things like drawing and painting. He would disagree, but he’s wrong. He particularly likes drawing cartoons so I’ve been telling him for YEARS to start drawing a comic starring our dogs with the humans (us) as supporting characters. I’ve finally gotten him to draw me a couple dog characters and I’m hoping these drawings will become regular features in the blog. Wouldn’t that be awesome?!

Gandalf! Complete with bowler hat! For those who are concerned, in real life, Gandalf does have all his feet. We aren’t sure why the program cut the feet off. I’m sure Gandalf does not appreciate being any shorter than necessary. He’s got an attitude when it comes to size. Anyway why, the bowler hat? Well, Gandalf is kind of British in his (lack of) emotions. Even his tail wag is very controlled. Plus he’s named Gandalf. And Sir Ian McKellen and his BFF Patrick Stewart are often seen sporting bowler hats.

See? Google Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart and you will see them making all sort of mischief in bowler hats.

Piper!! Also known as Piper Pants, Miss Pants or sometimes just plain Pants. This is a very accurate representation of her. She sits practically on your feet and stares straight up at you. Then she scratches at you until you pet her. Why the bow? Well, she’s a girl and a perky one at that. She could easily be the stereotypical cheerleader, except she’s got a good bit of Hall Monitor in her as well. Maybe she’s Teacher’s Pet?

Next up, I’ll start harassing Jake for cartoon characters of the 3 human occupants of this house. Jake, you have been warned.

Annabelle has been taking swim lessons for a few weeks and we’re all really enjoying it. She likes splashing in the water and does really well! Last time, after we finished the lesson, rinsed out her suit and hung it up while we finished getting ready to go, and it just struck me as so cute hanging on the wall by itself.

Someone is ready for baseball season!! Go Giants!!

Yum! Seagull!! When are they going to have Battle Seagull on Iron Chef?

We’ve tried 3 new recipes this week. Tune in next week for The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

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