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We have big news!

March 8, 2014

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I updated here. Shame on me! but we’ve had an interesting month. First, Annabelle turned 10 months (and today, she is 11 months!) so here are the 10 month giraffe pictures.

Gah! It’s the giraffe! Stay away from me!

Really, Mom? There’s snow on the ground. This is not the time for pictures.

Are we done yet?

There. Are you happy now?

Here’s a video of Annabelle’s first time using a spoon. It made a mess but we were all so impressed!

So what else has been going on? Well I frogged a bunch of knitting projects that weren’t going to happen. There’s a local knitting group that I try to attend (haven’t been successful in that lately) and one day, one of the ladies sat there ripping out projects that just weren’t going to work for one reason or another. She had come to terms with this and was moving on. I was inspired because I knew that I had a couple of these lying around. So I frogged them and even re-caked the yarn so it’s ready for a new project! I also took a look at my stash and decided to mail some off to my sister that was another project that won’t work the way I’d planned. Notice I say that I decided to mail some to her. I haven’t actually mailed it yet. One step at a time.

Two newly released cakes of yarn. What could I do with these now? Something for Annabelle, possibly?

I also sold a bit of yarn to a person in Norway via my knitting website, so overall my stash has gone down! I did, however, buy one skein of yarn recently. I originally had a plan for it, but now I’m rethinking that plan. So it’ll just go into the Yarn Safe for a while.

This is “Sunshower” on Marianne Dashwood from Yarn Love. So pretty!

Last time, I left you with a cliff-hanger in that Jake & I were trying 3 new recipes and I’d tell you how they went. The tofu addition to the Broccoli Cheese pot pie wasn’t great, maybe soft tofu would have been better. Paula Deen’s white chili was a hit and the Quinoa Mac and Cheese was pretty good. Then all our experimentation came to a grinding halt and we’ve reverted back to our old ways.

Why, you might ask? Well that’s a good question! Annabelle will soon be a big sister! That’s right, we are expecting a new baby in early October. Exciting stuff! That also comes with a few distinct drawbacks, such as food aversions, nausea, etc. This is why we have reverted to our old eating habits. I’m having a hard enough time thinking of meals that won’t make me gag, let alone making sure they’re as healthy as possible. Seriously. Less than 24 hours after declaring the Quinoa Mac & Cheese a good, healthy Mac & Cheese variation, I couldn’t even stand the thought of it, let alone look at it or contemplate eating it.

This is from our super-quick ultrasound the other day. The Dr said everything is looking good! I just have to hang in there with the morning sickness. 4 more weeks and hopefully it’ll be gone.

In preparation for the day that my stomach will be somewhat back to normal, I’ve been thinking about Corned Beef. St. Patrick’s Day is coming up and I love Corned Beef. However, I was rather disappointed with the cured Corned Beef briskets we have available here. They just don’t seem to be as flavorful as the ones I could easily get in California. I could order a cured brisket from the internet for an outrageous price but I watched Alton Brown cure his own corned beef and now I’m contemplating doing the same myself.  It won’t be in time for St. Paddy’s Day, but it’s certainly a possibility for some time in April!

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