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I have the greatest brother in the world!

April 6, 2014

My brother told me that I needed another “smashing flowers”.  He also calls this my destroying plants journal. I agreed that it’s been too long and I should update and he told me to mention that I have the greatest brother in the world. And I DO! Do you know what he did? He DROPPED A BRICK on my PINKY when I was just a little kid who mistakenly trusted her older brother. He said “Put your finger here.” then dropped a brick on it. A BRICK.

Speaking of the antics of siblings, I was telling Jake the other day about Jason, Julie and I all getting phoenix tattoos a few years ago. I mentioned that we made Julie go first because..well..that’s just what we’ve always done. Look! It’s a scary, potentially dangerous situation! Julie! You first. Then I have to go. Then, if we both survive, OUR WONDERFUL older brother will give it a shot. Seems suspicious, huh? I think it’s rigged.  However, when I look back at all things Julie had to endure, I’m surprised by two things. First, that she survived and second, that she still talks to us.

While reminiscing about Tattoo Day, I was looking at my pictures and I found these:

Look! It’s little Brandon! I can’t believe this little boy is going to be 10 years old at the end of the year. 10!!! I just want to snatch him up and snuggle him.

I like this picture of Julie, although she looks a little skeptical at whatever is over there.

Speaking of babies that aren’t babies anymore, look! It’s Baby Piper!!

Alright so on to recent happenings. We went to St. Louis for a work conference and then stopped at the St. Louis Zoo before heading back to Springfield.

Obligatory picture of the arch

Annabelle is channeling Frozen’s Anna with her streak of blond hair.

She loved crawling all over!

I’m going to get you!


I have a bunch of yarn I need to mail my sister. It’s all boxed up and ready to go and has been for weeks. I still haven’t gotten to the post office. In the meantime, Annabelle is having fun playing with it.

Yarn is awesome!!

Nah, I don’t want green.

Yeah, this one is better.

ooh, what’s that toy?

I want to touch it!

Annabelle turned 11 months!! (and now we’re TWO DAYS from her being 1!! I can’t believe it. I’m in denial.) And those pretty flowers behind Annabelle? Well, we had some wind. Or maybe we had a lot of wind. The other day, they looked like this:

Thankfully, they’ve perked up again.

Tune in next time for Annabelle’s 1st birthday pictures!!

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