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Annabelle’s 1st birthday!!

May 6, 2014

Annabelle turned 1 on April 8th! I can’t believe she’s already a year old. Where did it go?! We had a small party for her at the farm, complete with a piece of cake for her to make a mess with. And then she ate it with a fork. I remember my sister’s first birthday and the only possible conclusion is that she didn’t get this restraint from my side.

Who needs cake? Duck is much better, especially pink duck.

Look what I can do!

Jake made and decorated a cake for her!

The downside to turning 1 is that you go to the Dr for a well-visit and he does horrible things like look in your ears. It was traumatic, much worse than her vaccinations. Reminds me of when my mom and 3 nurses had to hold me down for a vaccination. Speaking of vaccinations, I was recently informed that despite being vaccinated THREE times (that’s fully vaccinated, plus one more for good measure), I do not have immunity to measles. I am quite irritated about that because that last measles shot was traumatic. I blame my brother. Yes, the same brother mentioned in the last post. He knows what he did.  My friends and family are tired of me complaining about this and even my OB had to hear the story. So I’ll let it go now. Really. I will.

On to other things. My ever-expanding waistline! Yep, definitely showing now that 1st trimester sickness is mostly gone. I can’t seem to stop eating. And you know what else is going up? My glucose numbers. I figure it’s only a matter of time before they make me take a glucose tolerance test and I fail it. Again. Until then, I’m slowly incorporating more protein into my diet to keep things under control. Emphasis on the word “slowly”. I’m also trying to eat all the non-diabetic snacks so they aren’t around to tempt me. I’ve some moderate success with this. I eat things until they’re gone and then they reappear in our grocery cart.  How does that happen? It’s a mystery.

12 weeks!


16 weeks!


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