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Things I really should know by now

May 16, 2014

Every now and again it occurs to me that there are just some things that I don’t seem to learn. So this post is a list of things I definitely should know by now.

#1 – First, I’m pregnant (this news is about 19 weeks old). I’ve been pregnant before. I should know that when you’re pregnant, you have to use the restroom often.  Thus doing things like leaving a building when I have to go, thinking it’ll be fine until I get to my destination….really is not a good plan.  I did this countless times while pregnant with Annabelle and this time is no different.

#2 – I should know better than to click on sad/tear-jerker links while at work. It all ends the same. Me sniffling and unsuccessfully trying to hide my tears at work. I wish I could blame the pregnancy but I’d be crying whether I was pregnant or not.

#3 – I recently got my ring cleaned at the jewelers and wow! It hasn’t been this shiny and sparkly in a LONG time. I really should make it a point to have it cleaned every so often. It even caught Annabelle’s eye.

Then there are things that I fully acknowledge and ignore, such as being somewhat lactose intolerant. It doesn’t mean that I won’t drink that milkshake, it just means that I know I’ll pay for it later. Although, being pregnant makes the lactose intolerance go away. You better believe I use that to my full advantage. At least until the Dr says stop (probably around 26 weeks when I have to take the Glucose Tolerance Test). I also know full well that if I eat a full bag of Skittles in a single sitting, it will make me nauseous. Sometimes I do it anyway, but they are much less tempting now that they have green apple instead of lime. Who decided that?! They need to be fired.

Another thing that I know is that you have to celebrate the little victories, like getting chocolate milk for free. WHOHOO! Free Chocolate Milk! I was excited and it was delicious.

I’ve also learned some new lessons. Like, sharing your food with a toddler means that your Chipotle bowl doesn’t go as far as it used to. It’s also really sad when your toddler throws a perfectly good bite of your food on the floor. You sit there and think “I would have eaten that!”

So what else is happening around here? Well one of Annabelle’s favorite birthday presents was her Mozart cube that plays Mozart pieces in a variety of instruments depending on which button you press. She loves this thing. Our lives are now accented by random interjections of Mozart. Very cute but a little odd when you’ve got Beastie Boys on your iPod.

Speaking of her turning one, we have the last of the giraffe pictures! True to toddler-ness, she wasn’t being cooperative with the pictures.

She’s got 5 teeth that have come in or have broken through. Pretty amazing considering she didn’t have any at 11 months!

I love the way her hair flips out like that.

I’ve had a horrible case of knitter’s block lately. It’s allowed me to read a couple of books, but I need to get started on Cookie Monster’s baby blanket. The first step is ordering the yarn, which means deciding on a pattern, colors and yarn. I think it’s been figured out, unless I change my mind. Again.

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