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Lost in my head

June 22, 2014

Jake and I mis-communicate often. It’s a combination of misunderstanding, misheard words and my brain’s tendency to hop around like a jack rabbit on speed. Note: I have never actually seen a jack rabbit on speed. I once texted Jake, then in the time it took for his phone to beep that he had a message (probably a whole 3 seconds), I had already forgotten that I’d texted him. So I asked who he was talking to. He looked me like I had two heads.

So what does this have to do with the price of tea in China? Well, the other morning takes the cake. You see, Jake has been working Saturday mornings. He was at work and Annabelle and I were still lounging in bed, trying to stay asleep. I heard some rustling on the front porch, but it didn’t really register. My brain was preoccupied with a strange dream I had and was processing. By “processing”, I mean that I was texting my sister who told me we should contact a medium.  I think I’ll pass. Then I heard some rustling at the back of the house and started to get concerned. Someone was IN THE HOUSE. OMG. Then Jake came into view. I was quite surprised and relieved and why didn’t I hear him come in the door?! The front door is very near my bedroom door. I should have heard him. 99% of the time, I DO! Jake says that he not only wasn’t exactly stealthy coming in the door, he stood in our bedroom doorway and said hello but that I was busy texting on my phone and very clearly ignoring him. I have no knowledge of this at all and certainly wasn’t deliberately ignoring him. I was just lost in my head. It happens quite a bit actually.

In the spirit of randomness, here are some pictures of happenings around here lately:

Happy shopper! Yay Target!

Jake spent some time sorting Jelly Belly jelly beans a few weeks ago. I have lots of memories of my dad looking just like this, but he’s checking pinto beans to make sure there aren’t any rocks. I also have lots of memories of Grandma sorting beans, but she’s not just looking for rocks. She’ll remove rocks, ugly beans, half beans, and ones she just doesn’t like the look of. She’s very judgmental about beans. Another favorite complaint of hers is that the beans are old. I don’t think I know what not-old beans look like, because any beans I’ve ever had she has declared to be old. As a side note, Jake is not a fan of pinto beans. He likes jelly beans, but only certain flavors. Annabelle likes pinto beans, but has yet to try Jelly Bellys.

Jake had a birthday! This is the cake I decorated for him. It’s obviously pretty simple, but I’m proud of it. It’s the first time I’ve ever decorated a cake! And it’s not even a candidate for Cake Wrecks!! Awesome!  The car is a 66 Chevelle, which is pretty much Jake’s favorite car ever.

This was his birthday present from Annabelle and me. I didn’t want to search the house for non-Christmas wrapping paper and there happened to be a Chipotle bag nearby. I had fun making the logo wrap the corner like that.  The contents of the package had nothing whatsoever to do with Chipotle.

We’re growing stuff!! We started a small container garden on the front porch a few weeks ago and look!! We’ve got food! I’m pretty impressed with our garden, because I’m usually pretty unsuccessful at growing things. We also had a very nice looking blackberry, but it’s been pilfered. I think one of the neighborhood cats is the culprit. Probably the same cat that took a dislike to our flowers and kept pushing them off the porch.

While I was taking pictures of the tomatoes, this happened:

She was very clearly told to stay in the house, by the way. Then a minute later we had this:

He was also told to stay in the house. They listen so well! Or maybe it’s payback for taking them to the vet for their annual checkup a couple weeks ago? They are not fans of the vet. At. All.  I’m always amazed at how unfriendly my little furballs can be when they’re so loving to us.

And just because she’s cute, here’s another one of Piper. This is after she got done running her laps in the backyard. Not that you could ever tell, but she does actually have a collar on.

So what else is happening around here? Well, I’ve had an odd burst of energy lately and an unprecedented urge to organize the house. I believe this is called “nesting”. Our room has been rearranged a bit and decluttered. Next up is the living room. I’m still not sure if I’m actually making things better, or just making a bigger mess. Time will tell!

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