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Clearance Shopping

August 7, 2014

I promised you a blog post about clearance shopping over a month ago and look! It’s finally here! I know all of the internet has been waiting on the edge of their seats.

A couple of months ago, I let Jake know that I wanted to go to the mall that weekend. I told him that the purpose of the trip was that a new jewelry store was opening and giving away free bracelets. I wanted one. When we arrived at the mall, we were both quickly approaching Hangry and had to stop first at the food court. We stopped there and had Sbarro’s pizza. Annabelle did not share our pizza. Instead, she watched all the other mall-goers. Being that it was a Sunday, there were quite a few mall-goers and I was actually surprised we found a table in the food court.

After lunch, we went to the jewelry store, looked at the display cases, filled out their form and got the free bracelet. As we’re leaving, Jake strikes up a conversation about a dress we saw on the walk through the mall to the food court.

Jake: Okay, now we need to go buy that yellow dress we saw in the window when we walked through.
Me: Uh, no. We’re not buying the yellow dress.
Jake: I thought you liked the yellow dress!
Me: I do like the yellow dress! It’s awesome. I’m still not buying it. It clearly just arrived in the store, which means it won’t be on sale or clearance and I don’t want to pay that much.
Jake: What is it with you and sale/clearance shopping? You CAN just buy stuff at full price, you know.
Me: You do realize that our entire purpose for coming to the mall today was so I could get a free bracelet?
Jake: What? Seriously? That’s the ONLY reason?
Me: Well yeah. It’s free. It’ll be good play jewelry for Annabelle someday.
Jake: You should still buy the yellow dress.
Me: I’m not buying the yellow dress. It’s too expensive and even if it WASN’T too expensive, I’m pregnant. There’s a good chance that my overall shape will change even if I get back to my pre-baby weight quickly.
Jake: Okay, THAT is a valid reason. The lack of sale/clearance status is not.
Me: They’re both valid reasons.

For the record, this is the yellow dress in question:

You see, Jake doesn’t really understand sale & clearance shopping. I love it, and rarely buy any clothing or shoes that aren’t on sale or clearance. I have to REALLY want them. Even then, I’m probably debating in the back of my mind whether or not I REALLY REALLY want it. It should be noted that yarn does not fall into this category. While I double & triple love finding awesome yarn on sale, I’m much more willing to pay full price it. But I do love finding clothing on sale, clearance or used. I have a great Anthropologie skirt in my closet that was originally $118 and I paid $30. It arrived in a slightly dingy condition that was disappointing, but a quick trip to the dry cleaners and looks new! I was so excited. I actually haven’t been able to wear it because between buying the skirt and skirt-wearing weather, I’ve gained quite the belly. I actually love this skirt enough, I MIGHT have paid full price for it…maybe. I’d think about it. Anyway, it’s my key motivation to trying to get back to my previous shape post-baby before skirt weather rolls around this time next year.

I have lots of these stories about great finds in the clearance racks. What’s not to love? I do have clothing items that I paid full price for, usually during a moment of temporary insanity (aka retail therapy). And while I still like these items, the thoughts that run through my head when I’m looking for them are things like “Where’s that blouse I paid way too much for?”

Jake doesn’t understand this. He thinks if you find something you want, buy it. If you don’t find what you want, don’t buy it. That’s great, in theory but if I waited to buy clothing or shoes until I found something I love as much as that map skirt? My closet would be in a very sad shape. I’d probably only have a few items. Then they’d wear out much sooner and what would I wear? Sometimes you just need basics. Like socks. Although I do like funky socks, sometimes you just need basic white socks. They aren’t exciting. I figure if I can find stuff on sale & clearance to fill in the gaps in my wardrobe left by only the really cool items, then awesome.

In other news, time is marching on and HOLY COW this baby will be born in less than 8 weeks. LESS. THAN. EIGHT. WEEKS. Scary!!! I’m pretty sure there was a time-warp or something that happened and made this summer disappear. Wasn’t it just May?! Now it’s August and if you want to get technical, this baby will be born NEXT MONTH. Jake doesn’t like it when I say stuff like that. At some point, we’re going to have to come to a decision on a name, although I have been tempted to just decide that this one doesn’t get a name. He’ll be Baby Boy Thomas.

He weighed in at 3.5 pounds at our ultrasound last week and he has hair!

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