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Road Trip Recap – Part One

November 27, 2014

We took a 2 week road trip through Nevada and California to visit family. Yes, we took our 6 week old baby and 18 month old toddler on a cross country road trip. This is the first of an as-yet-undetermined number of posts to recap the good, the bad and the ugly of our trip.

Here’s a breakdown of the numbers:
Miles Driven: 4,794
Days on the Road: 16
Family Members Visited: 18, plus some very dear friends
Pictures Taken: 184
Knitting Projects Finished: 2
Items MIA: 3
Items Acquired: ??

As you can imagine, a trip like this had some mishaps, funny situations and as well as plain ol’ road trip boredom. So let’s get started, shall we?

“Are we there yet?”

The trip out was uneventful, except for some pretty strong winds in Oklahoma and cold temps to go with it. Our first real stop was in Las Vegas, where we visited with Jake’s sister for a couple of days and enjoyed gorgeous warm weather while Springfield had it’s first frigid temps of the season. Darn! So sad we missed it!

Christy & Grayson!

We were in Vegas for the As They Grow consignment sale and I tagged along with Christy. I didn’t intend to buy anything, but then I saw a doll swing for $3 and knew Annabelle would love it. Christy discovered that one of the legs came off so it would more easily stuff in our car and done! Easy Christmas present! Obviously, the best time to do your Christmas shopping is when your car is stuffed to the max with everything a family with two babies would need for a 2 week, cross country trip. Still, I found a gift for Annabelle, so I had to find one for Grayson. And I did! It even folded flat! Perfect! Then I was really done. I had $7 worth of stuff, both of which would be easy to stuff in our car. Except, then we came upon a music set that Annabelle would adore. I took a picture and texted it to Jake who insisted that we acquire it. After that, it was all over. I ended up finishing our Christmas shopping for both kids, getting birthday presents for my niece and nephew and a book for myself.  The lesson here is that what happens in Vegas better fit in your car because it’s a long way home.

Pup-pup testing out the doll swing

Music set that is sure to be a hit with Annabelle. Whether her parents end up regretting this purchase has yet to be determined.

Speaking of music, we recently spotted a license plate & frame that said Roll Tide and had the following conversation. It might be slightly paraphrased because it’s been a long trip and I don’t remember the words verbatim, but this is the gist:
Jake: Roll Tide? I don’t get it.
Jen: It’s the slogan for one of the big football schools. Alabama, I think. They’re the Crimson Tide or something.
Jake: But “Roll Tide”? Tides don’t roll.
Jen: Uh, yeah they do
Jake: No, they don’t. They wave or something. How do you figure they roll?
Jen: *singing with a mouthful of chocolate hostess junk food goodness* Sittin’ on the dock of the bay, watching the tiiiide, ROLL away…
Jake: Really? That’s your scientific evidence? Otis Redding?
I think it was a valid argument.

In other randomness, I began and finished this project for our niece, Izzy. She turned 4 just a couple days after we left, and clearly needed a crown for the occasion.

There was much discussion before we left Missouri over what colors the jewels should be. The Art Major gave his art-major opinion but in the end, I brought all the colors and let Izzy choose. She picked blue and red and then I discovered that I had an odd number of points. I didn’t want to have two of the same color in next to each other, so I made the executive decision to have a pink jewel. Others suggested green would be better, since pink is similar to red but eh. It’s for a girl and a little pink never hurt anything, right?

We finished our stay in Vegas with a trip to the mall because I had a Macy’s gift card that was burning a hole in my wallet. We scoured the clearance racks because I love clearance shopping (see this post). I found a pair of shoes, a pair of pants, two sweaters and a Christmas present for Jake. Then we hit up the Disney Store where Jake purchased a Christmas present that I was ordered to immediately forget all knowledge of.  At least it’s squishable. Not that I know anything about it.

Next up: California or Bust!

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