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Road Trip Recap – Part trí

December 4, 2014

The next leg of our trip took us to the City by the Bay. I love San Francisco and really the whole Bay Area. That said, I would never want to live there. I get annoyed with traffic after about 3 seconds, which is 3 seconds longer than it takes Jake to be annoyed with Bay Area traffic. We stayed with my brother, who greeted us with hot chocolate and the promise of smoked ribs for dinner. Whohoo!

My hot chocolate came in this mug. Fish are friends, not food! There were no fish in this mug and no fish were harmed in the taking of this photograph. I’m resisting the urge to type out the lyrics to Nickelback’s “Photograph”. You’re welcome.

We visited with friends and family in the area, which was great. I picked up a new Giants World Series pin for my jacket, while my brother did a bit of Christmas shopping. His Christmas shopping included a present for Grayson, so that came home with us too. In fact, we picked up a few presents at various visits along our journey, in addition to the ones we bought ourselves. Note to self: Buy a suburban. Although if we bought a suburban, we’d bring the dogs with us on our travels which would mean bringing even MORE stuff. So I’m not sure it would actually help us have more room available for acquiring stuff along the way.

Anyway…I’ve completely forgotten where I was going with this. So we had a good visit with everyone. I wish we could have stayed longer at each place, but I’m not sure our children would have been able to stand the upheaval any longer. As it was, we had a dramatic increase in meltdowns on the way home compared to the way out.

After much discussion, we decided that instead of taking I-80 all the way from the Bay Area, we would catch US-50 in Sacramento and take that across Nevada and meet back up with I-80 in Salt Lake City. There were a couple reasons for this change. First, I wanted to see Lake Tahoe because I love and adore Tahoe as much as I love San Francisco. I also love Disneyland that much but Disneyland was not the cards this trip. Someday! Second, Jake had never driven US-50 across Nevada, aka the Loneliest Road in the US. Jake has driven pretty much every major road in the lower 48, so it’s pretty rare to come across a long stretch that he hasn’t driven. Third, a couple of my ancestors spent some time in Ruby Hill, NV (about 2 miles from Eureka, NV). Eureka is located on US-50, pretty much right in the middle of NV. Since I didn’t get a chance to do any genealogy research in SF, being able to visit this town sounded like fun!

We started home around mid-day on Saturday the 23rd. We got to Tahoe just in time to see the lake while it was still daylight. Side note: Jake had never to been to Lake Tahoe either. We were driving through the town and Jake said something along of the lines “well, since we’re in Nevada now…” and I was like “Whoa! Hold your horses there, Dear. We’re still in California. It will be very obvious when we cross over.”

This is us on the CA side, looking at Nevada. I’ll let you figure out where the line must be.

This is Jake & Annabelle with the lake in the background. Does it look cold? Because it was.

The water level looked pretty low to me and I just checked the news to discover the lake is at a 5 year low. Someone who shall remain nameless doubted my ability to glance at the shore and decide that the lake was low.

After leaving the lake, we started our discussion of where to stop for the night. This would become a nightly discussion until we got home. It was a struggle between wanting to keep driving because that’s what we’d do pre-kids and remembering that we are no longer pre-kids and sometimes the best solution is to stop. Our pit stop that night was in Fallon, NV, which let us view all of the Loneliest Road in America during daylight hours, as well as hit Eureka/Ruby Hill around mid-day.

Before we get to Eureka, I’m going to backtrack a tad to our stop in Fallon. You see, Annabelle had been given a cookie before we left the Bay Area. This is what the cookie looked like:


I’m not at all experienced in food coloring or what happens when you mixed brightly colored icing with a toddler, but I got a crash course. It went something like this.
• Give the toddler the cookie as a reward for being a good girl during our drive
• Quickly realize that her hands are covered in black frosting and OMG, we’re in a hotel and the last thing we need is to get hit with any sort of “damage” charges because our toddler smeared black frosting on a wall and now it won’t come off.
• Take the cookie away
• Meltdown ensues from the toddler
• Give the cookie back with instructions to stay sitting.
• Toddler gets up
• Take the cookie away again
• Toddler proceeds with second meltdown
• Explain to her that she can’t have the cookie because she won’t stay sitting.
• Toddler does not accept this explanation. At all.
• Commence concern about the people in the room next to us calling security.
• Give cookie back to the toddler.
• She happily eats her cookie whilst sitting, and manages to get black frosting all over herself and clothing.
• Start bath
• Toddler gets up, prompting confiscation of the cookie. Again.
• Meltdown number three begins, but that’s okay because bath time fixes everything!
• Bath time does not end the Wrath of the Bathing, Cookie-less Toddler. It’s actually gotten worse.
• Give cookie back to the toddler who is still sitting the bath.
• Enter Toddler’s father who laughs at the cookie in the bath solution.
• Toddler can’t seem to grasp that it would be best if the cookie stays out of the bath water, thus it is partly consumed and mostly disintegrates in the bath water.
• Cookie is washed down the drain.
• Clean, calm toddler is removed from the tub.
• Mom decides that in addition to soda and snacks, beer needs to be part of the road trip supplies.
• Fin.

I won’t mention who gave us this cookie to start with, but they know who they are. In the future, we will request cookies come without frosting or if cookies do have frosting, they will either be eaten by Mom (why didn’t I think of this sooner?!) or eaten at their house while they babysit.

Tune in next time for Road Trip Part Four, Nevada to Missouri!

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  1. Carolyn Thomas permalink
    December 4, 2014 9:45 pm

    I sure would have loved being a fly on the wall.

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