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New Year Randomness

January 18, 2015

Hey! It’s 2015! The holidays are over and we’re on to a new year. Our holidays were low-key which was perfect after all the upheaval with a new baby, cross country road trip and going back to work. Things have been crazy and I can’t believe Grayson is already 3 and a half months old. When did that happen?! It seems to be going even faster with him than it did with Annabelle. Maybe it’s one of those first kid/second kid things.  So here are a couple other first kid/second kid things:

Annabelle’s 3 month giraffe photo is picture #303 in her album. Grayson’s is #111.

Annabelle at 3 months.

Grayson at 3 months.

Jake at the Dr with Annabelle.

Jake at the Dr with Grayson.

In all fairness, Annabelle was 4 days old and Grayson was 2 and a half months.

In going back through pictures of Annabelle, I’m reminded at how much she and Grayson look alike.

Now when I see some of Annabelle’s early pictures, I think “Wow…it’s Grayson in a dress!”

I mentioned previously that my dad is great at giving everyone a nickname. Sometimes they’re easy to figure out. For instance, Annabelle is Banana because Anna rhymes with Banana. Grayson’s nickname is Tarzan. If anyone can figure out how he came up with that, I’ll be super impressed.

Speaking of nicknames, I have a dog named Gandalf.

Gandalf, meet the internet. Internet, Gandalf.

Gandalf is named after a character in the Lord of the Rings and for the record, he came from the rescue with that name. We just kept it. Fictional Gandalf is a wizard that helps defeat evil in Middle Earth. Canine Gandalf is a dog that tries to keep evil from lurking in our house. He is always checking on me and the kids. If Annabelle’s door is closed, he will push it open to go in and check on her. Anyway, Canine Gandalf also goes by Gandy which caused me to wonder: When he was a little wizard, did Fictional Gandalf go by Gandy?

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